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Security or Hybrid WAN’s? Do you need to choose?

…d the more branches you have the larger the cost. If you try to reduce costs by cutting back on security by having just a firewall and no IPS/IDS then you are exposing yourself to threats. Secondly once you have decided on a security solution how do you manage it? Security devices have to be continuously updated with the latest software to ensure they can protect you from the latest threats. If you don’t have a proper mechanism to automatically…


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Geopolitical Trends in Cybersecurity for 2015

…ment use of drones dominated headlines. In 2015, pressure for stricter oversight of public authorities, government information sharing, and more nuanced security practices will continue to impact communications technologies. Security specialists know that security-versus-privacy is not a zero-sum proposition, but corporate decision-making nevertheless will be highly reactive to public opinion in coming months.   Cyber weaponization may…


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Cisco Cloud Security for Public and Private Cloud – A Secure, and Compliant Cloud Data Center

…hs and 59% attacks may not be able to contained for weeks or months even after detection. Next Generation Cisco Cloud Security 1.0 architecture answers the challenges service provider is facing today by bringing a continuous security model with next generation cyber threat management, complete end-to-end visibility, and guidance on industry regulatory compliances Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act…


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Understanding and Addressing the Challenges of Managing Information Security – A More Responsive Approach

…nage the challenges in information security, practitioners need to be reflective in their practices and organizations need to focus on gaining visibility of risk, and constantly be prepared for critical re-alignment when the security (or risk) posture of the organization’s cyber environment changes. In the blog series that follows, I will discuss more about the issues and dilemmas of our current practices, what we mean by being responsive,…


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Three Deciding Factors To Reach A New Digital World

…tions than a year ago. Without IT simplicity, IT departments will be rapidly consumed by day-to-day fire drills. They will lose their ability to innovate and their relevance to the business. When everything moves to digital, cybersecurity takes the center stage. A series of recent cyber breaches exposed the security vulnerability of many businesses and organizations. In the cyber breach at J.P. Morgan Chase, contact information of 76 million…


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