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Can you help me write this paper….

…rk, but again the illusion of privacy and segmentation while using shared resources. ¬†There are Virtual Applications, where I have an application running on my mobile device, then it pops on my desk as I come to work, and my stadium seat as I grab a beer and a dog. ¬†All of these are examples of the application of the modifier ‘Virtual’ to a noun that is generally assumed to be well-understood: Networks, LANs, Reality, etc…For…


Sports and Video: The New Ultimate Duo

…at to watch because consumers had no choice about when to watch, fans can now watch it all, on their own time, and even share it with friends.Options for fans to watch video while attending a live game are also expanding, as stadiums (such as the new Yankee Stadium) integrate digital screens and also handheld instant replay devices for the fans.And as fan demand for the availability of video increases, so does the insistence for high quality of…


Yankees take Cisco out to their New Ballpark!

…provide up-to-the-moment traffic information. StadiumVision is one of a host of technologies from Cisco that will make the new Yankee stadium the most technologically advanced game-day experience in baseball. In addition to StadiumVision, the new Yankee Stadium will feature premium luxury suites outfitted with touch-screen Internet Protocol (IP) phones that will allow fans to order concessions and Yankees merchandise for delivery to the suite….


Ballparks of the Future: Coming Soon!

…parks of the Future website state that the four section of the site: Virtual Ballpark, Hardball Innovations, Cisco Initiatives and Ballpark Happenings give the fan “the opportunity to explore the latest and greatest in stadium endeavors as well as a behind-the-scenes perspective on how we continue to enhance your experience and improve ballpark operations with cutting-edge technology.” My favorite, of course, is the Virtual Ballpark…


Babe and Lou, If You Could See the Sports Museum of America

…ports figures on an unparalleled scale, allowing heroes into the room many more times than travel schedules permit. Fans will experience how new digital kiosk technology and interactive video enhances their experience in the Stadium of the Future. As Grant Hill noted in a recent blog on the promise of interactive video:”If I were a fan, I always felt it would be neat to sit at a game but also watch it on a screen and hear, whether…