cisco_champions BADGE_200x200#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer Matt Bolick, about the new ISR 4000 Series. Lauren Friedman (@Lauren) moderates and Enda Cahill, Chris Nickl and Denise Fishburne are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

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Cisco SME
Matt Bolick, Cisco Technical Marketing Engineer

Cisco Champions
Enda Cahill, Technical Director
Chris Nickl, @ck_nic, Cloud Infrastructure Architect
Denise Fishburne, @DeniseFishburne, Systems Engineer

ISR 4000 Series Overview
Favorite “WOW” features of the ISR 4000 Series
Firewall and inspection/IPS features
Managing features and functions in the ISR 4000 Series
ISE 4000 Series use cases
Matt Bolick’s favorite ISE 4000 Series capability

bwhaynes Q: what is your favourite “WOW” feature of the ISR?
chris_nickl got it bwhaynes
DaSpadeR I want to know more about firewall and inspection/IPS features. How does it affect throughput? Does it support the sourcefire/snort signatures?
WackoRobie Agreed on the Sourcefire integration and affect on throughput.
bwhaynes Q: how do you manage all these features and functions in the ISR4k? IS PRIME the solution?
DaSpadeR also what bwhaynes asked, prime, cisco config professional?
chris_nickl ok
WackoRobie OnePK? VXLAN?
CommsNinja Go FISH!
DaSpadeR see previous on IPS/sourcefire, throughput results with IPS
WackoRobie Q: The ASR1k and CSR1k have both brought VxLAN VTEP with later releases of IOS-XE. Will the 4k series adopt this also?
chris_nickl k
chris_nickl DaSpapeR that what your looking for?
DaSpadeR chris: yes good for now, thanks
chris_nickl alrighty
WackoRobie OTV was my next question. I have some MSP use cases that it would fit into.
WackoRobie Thank you
chris_nickl agreed
DaSpadeR May have been referenced earlier, but can you run virtual device contexts? I’d like to have 3-4 separated containers
DaSpadeR Some of the big music tours carry call manager with them, this would be much more compact for their router and services to plug into arena/stadium
sthorvaldsen You mentioned the defence sector, will there be ruggedized 4k ISRs aswell?
WackoRobie Good. Thanks everyone


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