Sri Srikanth

Advanced Data Analytics & Strategy, Senior Data Scientist, Cisco Digial

Sri Srikanth is a Senior Data Scientist and Senior Manager, Digital Advanced Analytics, for Cisco’s Global Marketing Insights & Analytics team. During his tenure at Cisco he has led data initiatives in understanding and defining Customer Engagement, Marketing Attribution, Customer Journey and more. His work has received multiple industry recognition including the ANNY Award in 2017, ANA Award in 2018 and Highly Commended DRUM Citation in 2018. Previously, Sri chaired the creation of an industry standard for customer data collection at W3C standards organization and chaired the Service Oriented Architecture Best Practices group at Association of Retail Technology Standards. Sri also holds 16 US patents in the fields of e-commerce, payment processing and online personalization.


December 16, 2019


AI-Marketing is Context-Aware Marketing. Period.

Sometimes, Marketing comes across as one of the most tone-deaf, “throw a dart in the dark”, “spray and pray” type of activity – driving its receivers nuts and the executives funding the marketing activity, to exasperation. No wonder response rates tend to stay low, and Sellers are left wondering as to where the promised Marketing […]

June 16, 2019


Using AI to automate away the identification of Target Customers for Marketing Campaigns

AI in Marketing is here and it's real. Leading data-driven companies across multiple industries are using it to revolutionize the art and science of targeting customers for marketing campaigns.

Can Marketing be completely AI-driven & Automated? A Genesis

Marketing can be almost completely automated by leveraging large data sets, prior experiences, and content creation paradigms to create, launch and execute marketing campaigns. Let's examine what lies ahead.

December 13, 2018


An Ounce of Empathy = Several Pounds of Business!

Customer Experience flows from the thoughtfulness taken by a vendor when serving its customers. "Social Listening" programs on social platforms can now actively listen to customers at scale.

November 19, 2018


For a peerless Analytics Team, brilliant Data Analysts just as critical as Data Scientists

Finding great data analysts is just as hard as finding greatness in any field, but don't let the data analyst's role take a back-seat -- especially in a data-driven organization.

October 23, 2018


Do You Trust That (Data) Model?

Ready to bet your business on the output of that Data Model? Just a few tests can improve your confidence considerably. Make sure your modelers are worrying about them!

July 6, 2016


Predictions and Bias – cannot run away from ’em all!

Forecast. Predict. Tell me the Future. So I can plan how to invest today. So I can be prepared for the worst. Thus flows the investment thesis in Analytics today. The craze of pure Business Intelligence that ran from say 1990 through 2005, was replaced by the need to become Predictive. This wave is now […]

December 14, 2015


The ROI (and Staying Power) of Data Analytics

Much has been written about Data Science and Analytics, but at the end of the day, there is a single reason why Data Analytics has staying power, and continues to attract investment across all industries – and that is its compelling ROI. Yes, industries are awash with a lot of Data, but that is no […]

From “How Many” to “Who” – A Simple Step toward Profound Insights

Data Monetization – the art of applying Data to drive business value, sometimes pivots on fairly simple steps with profound consequences. One such step in the world of Digital is when one progresses from mastering the metrics of “How many” visitors to understanding the “Who” are these visitors? In reality, the notion of “Who” is […]

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