Cities are growing rapidly, stressing infrastructure and essential services while budgets remain tight. As the growth engines of the global economy, cities are competing with each other to achieve greater quality of life for their citizens, to attract new businesses and to achieve sustainability goals. Imagine safer city and neighborhood streets, fewer traffic jams, cleaner air and quicker commutes in these rapid growth centers. These are some of the benefits that residents of cities deploying AGT International and Cisco’s joint city solutions can expect.

Today, Cisco announced new and updated Connected Safety and Security solutions along with a group of ecosystem partnerships, including AGT, that remedy the challenges of easily managing, securing and safeguarding assets such as people, property and things in remote sites. Cisco is partnering with industry-leading companies, such as AGT, to leverage the new capabilities and benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT), provide customers with highly secure, interoperable solutions and services in order to take advantage of the Internet of Everything (IoE), and help businesses and governments make money, save money and provide enhanced safety.

Earlier this year, AGT and Cisco formed a Smart City Global Strategic Alliance to deliver on the promise of IoE through a portfolio of solutions that change the way cities are managed and safeguarded. And now, forward-thinking cities can begin using the following solutions: City Safety and Traffic Incident Management. Smart+Connected Cities are taking advantage of IoE, connecting people, process, data and things. A Smart+Connected city is able to use IoE solutions to integrate many data sources to discover and use insights that solve real problems; these innovative IoE solutions help cities become more vibrant, competitive and relevant. The joint AGT and Cisco solutions stand out from the alternatives through two important innovations: the fusing of data from multiple sources to identify real incidents and reduce false alarms, and the integration of multiple applications into one comprehensive solution.

City Safety Solution:

City safety is at the core of every smart city deployment. No other city service is able to provide safer, less congested streets to help cities attract the investment, businesses and skilled workers that fuels economic growth, while potentially saving billions. To prosper, cities must invest in their safety infrastructure today to position themselves for the future.

The solution is based on AGT’s CityMIND 6.5 platform which helps reduce the cost of crime by monitoring public areas, detecting incidents early, tracking suspects and enabling faster response through analysis of unusual activity trends and patterns. CityMIND 6.5 can analyze millions of daily detections generated by tens of thousands of sensors throughout a city and provide authorities with greater situational awareness and communication, enabling measurable reductions in required resources and significantly faster decision-making, improved response and problem resolution.

Traffic Incident Management Solution:

The Traffic Incident Management Solution addresses the two most important traffic challenges facing cities today: road safety and congestion. It helps traffic departments reduce congestion and its negative effects, including wasted fuel, pollution, lost productivity and commuter frustration by identifying more traffic incidents early, before they become more serious and enabling quicker response by monitoring and analyzing traffic flow data.

The Traffic Incident Management Solution will be incorporated into Hamburg’s first Smart City Pilot projects, which include smart traffic, smart street lighting and remote citizen services, as well as port operations and HafenCity, Europe’s largest inner-city development project.

This solution underscores how our alliance is successfully creating cutting-edge applications that improve citizens’ daily lives by leveraging existing data in new ways, and reflects our joint mission to enhance the quality of life for growing urban populations. We look forward to rolling out additional joint IoE city solutions in the future, to address urban critical assets such as water, airports, stadiums and business resiliency and information management.


John Baekelmans

Chief Technology Officer

Internet of Everything (IoE) Solutions group