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Cisco APIC wins Best of Interop 2015 award in SDN category

The Best of Interop Awards for 2015 were announced today at 5.30 PM, at the Interop Theater. Cisco APIC won the Best of Interop award in the SDN category.


To learn more about this unique product, you can refer to the following posts:

I want to extend my congratulations to the entire team at Insieme Network Systems Business Unit and recognize their hard work in developing this award winning Product.

Cisco appreciates the recognition from the Interop judges and it’s a great compliment to the recognition Cisco APIC is getting from its customers.

Please visit Cisco demo booths at the Expo Hall for a live demo of APIC and its integrated solutions with industry-leading partners.

photo 2

For more information on ACI


Cisco at EMC World: Stop, Win and Save

Cisco booth 221 at EMC World 2015: Stop, Win, and Save (SWS)

I’m looking forward to EMC World 2015 at the Venetian in Las Vegas where thousands of attendees will meet and learn about the latest in storage, networking, and solutions.  To that end of learning more,  this year it is easier and more rewarding than ever to engage with Cisco at EMC World. Just drop by our booth or attend a Cisco breakout session, learn about our latest products, technologies, and solutions, and win great prizes.

Stop at Cisco Booth 221

For attendees to learn more about Cisco technologies, Cisco offers demonstrations, a mini-theater, three breakout sessions and an area carved out for engineers unplugged.

Demonstrations cover the following Cisco products and solutions:

Our mini theatre includes presentations from Cisco and our technology partners. A quick summary of our theater content:

Dr_dre_earbuds_1 Dr_dre_earbuds_2


Engineers Unplugged offers another avenue to learn about Cisco technologies.  Engineers and technical marketers explain the benefits of Cisco data center technologies, while being recorded.  Attendees can listen to a quick conversation at EMC World or take in the video later at their own convenience.   #EngineersUnplugged: Episodes will be shot Monday through Wednesday.

In addition, Cisco hosts three breakout speaking sessions including:

  • Cisco UCS & EMC Solutions
    • Date: Monday, May 4th
    • Time: 1:30 – 2:30 PM
  • Transform Your Mission Critical Data Center With New Cisco MDS 9000 Family Innovations
    • Date: Tuesday, May 5th
    • Time: 3:00 – 4:00 PM
  • Policy-Based Infrastructure Provisioning For VDM & Recover Point With Cisco ACI
    • Date: Wednesday, May 6th
    • Time: 3:00 – 4:00 PM

After each of these breakout sessions, one winner will be chosen for a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet.

Microsoft_Surface_Pro_3 Microsoft_Surface_Pro_4


Win More Cool Prizes

At the Cisco booth , winning happens in other ways:

  • After a few short questions at the registration desk attendees can win these great-looking Cisco hats:


  • Take a selfie wearing a Cisco UCS hat and also win a chance at a Dr. Dre Ear Bud, one winner per day


Perhaps most importantly is the long-term savings customer gain by moving to Cisco technologies.  One example is Cisco UCS servers and Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure.

Customers the world over have benefited as Cisco has seen its server customer base increase from zero to over 41,000 in a little more than 5 years.   In fact, Cisco UCS serves has grown extremely fast in nearly every dimension.



In addition, the UCS architectures and these differentiators deliver significant benefits to your organization:

  1. Save on software licensing costs
  2. Increase server availability dramatically
  3. Decrease server deployment errors
  4. Automate at all levels
  5. Cloud-proof your future infrastructure needs

Benefits Slide (cobble)

UCS Integrated Infrastructure take these UCS Servers benefits to the next level, combining UCS Servers, Nexus switches and UCS Director with EMC storage. UCS Integrated Infrastructure plus

  1. EMC Storage = Cisco Solutions for EMC VSPEX or Vblock

UCS Integrated Infrastructure _EMC World_II

UCS Integrated Infrastructure can really be thought of as the “Intel Inside” of Vblocks and Cisco Solutions for EMC VSPEX.   Much of the IP of a Vblock or Cisco Solutions for EMC VSPEX is contained in these Cisco technologies.

Cisco Integrated Infrastructure, Vblocks and Cisco Solutions for EMC VSPEX offer all the benefits of UCS Servers and more. UCS Integrated Infrastructure inherits all these UCS Server benefits of saving money, higher productivity, increased agility and integration and combines them EMC storage for even greater customer benefits of integration and fast deployment and faster time to value of complete solutions.

Please stop, win and save at Cisco booth 221 for EMC World 2015!


A Comprehensive Approach to Building Your Big Data

One of the most exciting, yet challenging opportunities companies face today is related to data. Every year, they have to deal with about 40% more data than the year before. At this rate, by 2020, there will be 40 zettabytes of data in the world (40 trillion gigabytes) – that is 5,200 GB of data for every person on the planet Earth. If these volumes were not enough to make you dizzy, think about the variety of sources and format that is inherent to the Internet of Everything. There are currently more than 15 billion devices connected to the Internet, creating billions of connections between people, processes and things, in hundreds of different formats – how to analyze all this?

Cisco, Hortonworks and Red Hat have partnered to develop industry leading solutions that can help you make the most of this data by delivering three fundamental aspects: performance, scalability and manageability. These solutions are built up on modern and agile data architectures that rely on modular building blocks, adapts to the business demands and integrates today and tomorrow’s technological advances. With these solutions enterprises can capture, store and analyze data efficiently at lower cost and gain a powerful competitive advantage.

To learn more about the collaboration between Cisco, Hortonworks and Red Hat, and see how you too can benefit from their experience, vision and validated architecture, attend the webinar on April 30.

Cisco at OpenStack Summit, Vancouver

It’s that time again. The champions of OpenStack are gearing up for the next Summit: May 18-22 in Vancouver, where Cisco is a Premier Sponsor and our objective is to demonstrate the depth of our commitment to OpenStack as developers, operators, and users.


This is only my third Summit, but I’m noticing some changes here in our preparations at Cisco. For one thing, our engineers are presenting nearly 30 sessions—more than triple the last Summit. That makes sense if you think about the growth of OpenStack and the increasing interest in issues related to enterprise deployment and production environments. Internally, Cisco uses OpenStack for a variety of cloud applications and services and has a lot to share about high availability, scalability and operations for OpenStack.

Of course, Cisco architects will be presenting their perspectives on OpenStack networking topics, including sessions on implementing IPv6, adding enterprise functions to Open vSwitch, availability of Neutron extensions and ML2 drivers, and the innovative use of Network Function Virtualization to create cloud VPNs. You can see the full list on the Cisco at OpenStack Summit website, to mark your schedule in advance.

Cisco will also have a special sponsored track on Tuesday to share details on our OpenStack strategy and breadth of solutions. Presenters will be joined by Cisco customers: Shutterfly, Sprint and Key Information Systems. Attendees at sponsored track sessions will be eligible to win a new MacBook or one of seven iPad minis.

We’re bringing Engineers Unplugged’ back to our booth in the Expo Hall and recording short whiteboard videos to let OpenStack contributors share what they’re working on. Stop by the booth to view a Cisco demo and receive a free Vancouver Summit t-shirt. The roster of demos includes how Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure enables faster, easier, and more accurate provisioning of infrastructure to scale applications in the cloud.

Finally, keep an eye out for Cisco’s social media scavenger hunt with fun prizes, details to be posted on Twitter: #OpenCisco, #OpenStackSummit.

See you in Vancouver.



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Bringing Clouds to the Sunshine State

Cisco is bringing Clouds to the Sunshine state, but we won’t let it rain on our parade.

Cisco is heading to the Sunshine state for the annual SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, May 5–7, at the Orange County

Convention Center in Orlando, Florida and our bench is packed this year.  We will showcase how Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) enables application data center managers to quickly meet ever-increasing business demands and take advantage of the world of many Clouds + Integrated Infrastructure and Internet of Things.

sapphire pic

Don’t go through life without goals, so make it a goal while at Sapphire to stop by the Cisco booth 330 to ask our subject matter experts about industry leading, Cisco and SAP technologies in our three key areas:

  • Unified Computing System – Why Cisco is #1 and a partner in ~50% of all integrated infrastructure solutions?
  • Cloud First – Understand the benefits of Cisco and SAP’s cloud-first partner strategy? How important is Choice and Trust to your company?
  • IoT & IoE – Learn the difference between IoT and IoE and how do we derive value from Things?

We’re bringing our first-class Cisco subject matter experts, partner and customer testimonials to Sapphire NOW, to share our experience and expertise in delivering these new innovative technologies.

Read More »

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