Each We Are Cisco blog post you’ll read here is written with care by Cisconians. You’ll see a lot of posts about why they love working here – I’ve written previous posts myself. Nothing has changed between my first blog and this one, except that I’m writing this time knowing I’m leaving Cisco.

I joined Cisco right out of college. During the last five years, I can honestly say I grew with Cisco. I came as a blank slate, made a lot of mistakes, and learnt my lessons. Cisco was there every step of the way. It was here that I figured out the core pillars of my personality – the things that make me, me. One of those pillars (and a primary one at that) is gratitude.

The attitude of gratitude fuels me and I am constantly grateful for the opportunities I get in life – Cisco has not been an exception. During my short while here (you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun!), I have taken up so many opportunities and worn such a variety of hats, apart from my primary responsibility as a software engineer, that sometimes I cannot believe my good luck.

I have had the opportunity to join our incredible Emerging Talent and Cisco Citizen Network . I have a been a contributing author to this very blog – three times over! – where I have gotten to share my personal experiences. I have also had the sheer good fortune of interacting with some amazing, amazing Cisconians who made these experiences incredibly worthwhile.

The “60 Days of Kindness” is an initiative I created so that I can honour these people in my last 60 days at Cisco. I have planned to reach out to one person each day who has positively impacted me or my career and celebrate them, from small words that kept me going during difficult times to supporting me through an important deliverable and everything in between. These are people I talk to daily, or maybe haven’t spoken to in a while. Hopefully, these emails come as a surprise to them, as I send notes of appreciation for their empathy and kindness over the years.

Every day we go about leaving tiny footprints that have real impact on this planet and in each other and I thought it was high time these people got to know that their seemingly unnoticeable acts brought a smile to my face and made my days better.

Diparati and team at winter work party.It’s a two-way street, too. Not only does it make the recipients smile, but the responses I have received are so genuine and heart-warming that my day gets a whole lot better! This is one of the tasks I wake up excited about everyday – drafting that one appreciative email to the recipient of the day. I have always received such love from the Cisco community that it is my tiny way of giving some back.

It was extremely difficult for me to make the decision to leave Cisco, but I feel like I have reached a point in my life where I should pursue my masters while putting my experience at Cisco to good use.

However, I also know that the concept of the “Boomerang Employee” – where an employee leaves, and then returns to the same company – is also pretty popular at Cisco, and Cisco embraces these employees with an open heart and open arms understanding that there are circumstances where we may need to spread our wings to grow before returning with more knowledge and experience.

After I get my degree, I would love nothing more than to be a boomerang employee at Cisco, because trust me when I say this – it will feel like returning home.


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