Diparati Sen

Software Engineer • Artist • Dabbling Poetess

Engineering - WXC - Webex Calling - India

Diparati [thee-paa-ruh-thee] is a software engineer for Cisco's Webex Calling - India Team. She is also the global co-lead of Events for the Early in Career Network (ECN) ERO, and a part of the ECN Media Team at the APJC level. She is a typical coder by day but a true blue art enthusiast every other time. She practices Zentangle and Mandala art and is extremely driven about her passion project regarding the same - Entangled in Zentangle. Other times when she's not working or drawing, she loves to pen down poetry. Her poems are simple, easy to understand but generally on the longer side because more often than not, she can't stop once she starts writing. :) Apart from work and art, Diparati is a foodie at heart. Netflix-ing for her is incomplete with a bowl of pasta and most of her mood swings can be solved by a tub of vanilla ice cream.


August 18, 2021


With Love to Cisco, 60 Days of Kindness

3 min read

During 'The Great Resignation' many employees are looking for a career change or new opportunities. For Diparati, that means going back to school to earn her masters - here's how she's celebrating her Cisco co-workers before her last day, and how Cisco is encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

January 21, 2021


Change Makes the World Go ‘Round

2 min read

Software Engineer Diparati shares how the past 12 months have changed her and helped her to grow at Cisco and beyond.

August 5, 2020


EARTh without ART is just Eh! 

4 min read

Diparati is a Software Engineer for Cisco Collaboration and she shares how receiving Connected Recognition from her manager inspired her to try creating Mendala and Zentangle art!