“When I grow up, I’m going to work at Cisco!”

Lori's daughter
This is my daughter, all set up for her day at Cisco.

That’s what my 5-year-old daughter said after visiting our Cisco campus in Raleigh, NC (RTP). Now, that’s a proud parent moment and proud Cisco employee moment all rolled into one!

Maybe it was the free cake or cozy chairs she sat in while at the office, but she wants to work at Cisco when she grows up. I love hearing that. She’s growing up in an amazing time, where girls can do and be anything.

I work on Talent Acquisition’s Change Management team. I asked her what she thinks I do at work and it went something like this…

ME: So, you want to work at Cisco? Great…what do you want to do here?

HER: The same thing you do.

ME: [pause while I collect my tears of joy] What do you think I do?

HER: See your nice friends and have meetings. And talk a lot, because, Mommy, you like to talk to everybody.

ME: [Giggling] I do like talking. What do you think we talk and meet about?

HER: How to make everything better.

LoriBowen20160503_Juliana - Show Love
She knows there’s never been a better time for her to change the world with technology, as soon as she can drive, anyway.

ME: So you want to make things better, too?

HER: Yep.

ME: How are you going to do that?

HER: I’m going to help people drive safer and save the rhinos like in those big pictures. I can to do it right here, like you do, because Cisco has the best stuff to help, right?

ME: Yes sweetie, you’re right. Cisco’s got the best stuff to help.

Well, she got it mostly right. I feel like I do a little bit more than just meet with my nice friends and I don’t make everything better, but she doesn’t need all those details. In her 5 year old world, Mommy works at Cisco and makes things better. I think she understands that while we have fun talking here, we’re also doing big things. She wants to make the world better and she’ll do that working at Cisco.

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Lori Bowen

Program Manager

Talent Acquisition, Change and Content Management