“Don’t you get lonely?”

In nine years as a Cisco business outcome strategist (I’ve had the pleasure of many different and exciting positions) – this is the question I get asked the most. And I suppose that makes sense since I – like many of my co-workers – use Cisco’s technology to work remotely.

I have frequented many of the incredible Cisco offices all over the globe though, and from New York to Sydney, Australia – there is something truly unique about each Cisco office. Coming into the New York City office is always a treat because there are events that help me learn more about our products and services. There are also events to energize Cisconians, and of course, those that leave us laughing as we kickback and belt out a few karaoke songs.

In addition, there are events to keep employees well balanced. One such event that I truly enjoyed was the Minute Mindfulness Practice led by fellow Cisconian Alexis Pokorny. Through this activity, I learned increased focus so that I can be more productive. And to think – I never would’ve met Alexis if it hadn’t been for Cisco!

However, one of my favorite spots is from my home office, with my dog Ally right by my side.

Do I ever feel lonely? No! And that’s a sentiment you’ll hear from a lot of Cisconians as our days are filled with Cisco Spark messages, meetings, and calls. Through Cisco technology, we’re always connected and every day I see so many different faces and get to interact with such diverse minds.

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Here’s a recent example that showcase just what I mean:

A manager invited me to be a guest speaker at their team’s meeting. This was from a very different area, but via Cisco Spark we connected and set up the call.

We wanted to discuss how to engage end users using Cisco Spark with our clients in a more meaningful way. So I shared what I had been telling my clients and how I had been making a personal connection to our technology – you could set up a Cisco Spark Space for a cause or charity you’re fundraising for, or during a break from work you can use the whiteboard feature with your child to help with homework.

With a meaningful, personal connection attached when using a new collaboration platform, people can then see the true impact of the tool and how it could be useful for work challenges.

Which is a part of the Cisco Design Thinking methodology that I am stoked about as it provides a framework that I can use with our clients so we can discover, define, and explore the possibilities to their challenges in a very different, effective way.

The conversation was inspiring and engaging because the sharing during our meeting was multi-faceted. And this happens EVERY DAY – multiple times a day at that – at Cisco.

When you express challenges together, you realize you are not alone in what you are experiencing or feeling. And the best part… you come up with creative solutions because you’re spurred on by what the other people are saying. This, to me, is authentic collaboration.

Before I came to Cisco, I asked what everyone liked most. They all said, “The people.” It’s just another sentiment throughout the office hallways and internet connections you’ll hear quite frequently from Cisco employees. And I’m happy to say I agree with them!

Every day I wake up, log on and think, “Cisco is my oyster with many pearls of great people. All of whom I’ll connect with, learn from, and grow along side.”

Cisco was and still is THE best choice I’ve ever made in my life.


Faith LeGendre


ET & I