When news broke that Cisco had been named #6 on Fortune Magazine’s Best Places to Work list – it was of no surprise to those of us who call Cisco home. That 42-place jump from #48 to #6 felt right to us – the humans behind the giant, global technology company dedicated to changing lives across the world.

It made me think, as I sit in our cozy Cisco offices in Russia – why do I personally love where I work? There are, certainly, other companies out there – but why have I personally never had the desire to change jobs or leave Cisco? The list is endless, but here are my top five personal reasons I will continue to call Cisco home:

1. The Greatest Teams. You are surrounded by really interesting people as Cisco is attentive to the employee selection process. The result is a well-balanced team of diverse people, with whom it is great to work side by side, solve problems, help each other and have fun when we have achieved results. Surrounding myself with great people is directly important to me, and at Cisco the people you work with are incredible.

2. Your work changes the world. Cisco solutions are very different – and very impressive! There are many products that work to satisfy the needs of our corporate clients. Yes, we make network equipment and server hardware, but we also have security solutions, telephone and video conferencing for global collaboration, and analytics software!  There are many options to provide to our clients, and I love that what we offer is unique and cool. But once you see the implementation and how these companies change because of our software and collaboration tools – you get to hear the feedback on how amazing Cisco Webex is – it is life changing! I love that I am able to change people’s lives for the better.

3. Recognition. We have all been there – a place where we put hours of our time, talent, and hard work into something to receive no recognition for the achieved results. You won’t find that here at Cisco – we love recognizing a job well done, and we even have the ability to recognize and reward our fellow co-workers through Connected Recognition when they go above and beyond! I’m not a money driven person, it is nice – but for me it is not the main thing I seek to obtain. Internal corporate visibility, being encouraged by my leadership, and supported by my colleagues is much more valuable!

4. Corporate events and business trips. I am not particularly a fan of traveling, but it is hard to ignore this benefit of working at Cisco. It’s helpful to travel for business and very interesting from the experiences I’ve been fortunate to have on these journeys. From St. Petersburg to Barcelona and Kazan to Las Vegas – these are the locations I frequent the most, and this is despite the fact that I am not zealous because there are certainly more opportunities to travel! However, in these locations are where my main client events are, as well as in my home city of Moscow. These events (and the travel) offer interesting, unique, multi-format opportunities to network, connect, celebrate and talk face to face with our clients, partners, and colleagues. The opportunities for such a thing are always exciting for me!

5. Networking. As a Territory Account Manager, I meet with a lot of people every single week. Thus, I have an extensive network of contacts – and it is not unusual to meet someone and immediately become friends through a Cisco connection. Every person is unique, and I get a chance to find a new away to approach them to become friends. This makes it easier to work with someone, and from there – magic happens! I love that we are encouraged to be ourselves at Cisco, and to communicate in ways we find most effective. This has truly helped me to expand my network and working partnerships.

For me, it is easy to see why Cisco is #6 on this list. I truly love what I do and, most importantly who I get to do that work for and with. Cisco is an amazing company and I could easily expand this list to hundreds of reasons for why I love working here!

But, perhaps the best way to learn is to join us – learn to #LoveWhereYouWork for yourself and find out why Cisco is such a great place to work!

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Sergey Polushkin

Territory Account Manager, Russia

Commercial Sales