I decided to come back to Cisco! Why? Well, why NOT is a better question if you ask me!

In 2015, I joined Cisco for the first time as a Sales Intern.  Of course, at this point in life I had no idea what to expect – I don’t even recall knowing what Cisco did. I’m sure I had heard of them before as I was a master’s student in Business, but I didn’t know quite what was behind that San Francisco bridge logo.

My first days were exciting – Cisco is a fast-paced, demanding company, and it didn’t take me long to realize that I loved this place. My colleagues included me in on all the internal and external meetings with customers and partners, and never gave me the feeling of “only” being the intern.

After a year full of adventure, empowerment and fun, I knew that Cisco was the company where I wanted to begin my career after college – sales, however, was not the function I was most passionate about. Therefore, I finished my master’s degree and started a role at another company in human resources.

There’s a lot to learn during any journey, but I’m glad that a year later – a former colleague thought of me when she discovered a role that seemed like a good fit.  Finally, I was back at the company that taught me how to #LoveWhereYouWork – and in a function that my heart truly beats for!

In human resources, I work very closely with managers and employees, and get to promote all the wonderful programs we have here at Cisco, making this company a great place to work.

So why did I decide to come back? Here’s my Top 3 Reasons:

  1. The feeling of togetherness. My time at Cisco was full of wonderful people who integrated me into their teams and projects. There is no feeling of hierarchy at Cisco. My co-workers and I spent time together during work – on offsite meetings or customer visits – and outside of work when going out for dinner or on hiking tours. I was not only close to my direct team but also to my internship colleagues and the colleagues in my direct office. Cisco technology really does keep us all connected! And it didn’t matter whom I turned to, everybody welcomed me with open arms and was there to support me whenever I needed it.
  2.  The company culture. Cisco is inspiring, diverse and full of opportunity. The employees are at the heart of the company. In my opinion, Cisco’s Employee Value Proposition dubbed our “People Deal” really summarises what Cisco focuses on every single day.

Connect everything – In the year I spent as an intern I met so many different kinds of people worldwide who showed me that working towards one common goal can make us feel much closer and connected to a company than I ever expected.

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Innovate everywhere – No matter what crazy suggestions I had, Cisco said “Go for it”. Yes, even as an intern I was able to present and implement my ideas for improvement! We’re forward thinking here, and all about progress.

Benefit everyone – During my internship, I quickly learned that winning together was worth more than individual success (and that this also was more fun, too!) We’re big on teams here and love working together to drive success. 😀

  1. Employees are empowered and trusted. As an intern, I lived in a city that was about an hour drive away from the office I belonged to. Due to the high amount of trust my manager placed in me and the Cisco’s flexibility (also thanks to Cisco technology!), I was able to work from home every once in a while, and manage my time in a way that would perfectly match my studies.

I never felt like “just an intern” at Cisco. From the start, my colleagues ensured I knew I was an equal employee who was part of the “Cisco Family” – expected to participate, grow, create, and collaborate.  It’s these reasons, and so many more that I not only love working here – but I loved it so much, I even came back!




Kelly Pilgram

HR Representative

EMEAR HR - Germany