If you’ve never heard about Cisco’s dCloud team, you’re about to. After this, you might think they’re Cisco’s best-kept secret, and the coolest team around.

Brian and Steve from the dCloud team
dCloud’s Technical Lead Brian Villanueva and Program Manager Steve Dickson on the Cisco San Jose campus.

“We are using bleeding edge technology,” says Program Manager Steve Dickson (better known as dCloud Steve). “No one else is doing it like we’re doing it.”

Doing what, you ask? Cisco dCloud provides customers, partners and Cisco employees with a way to experience Cisco Solutions. From scripted, repeatable demos to fully customizable labs with complete administrative access, Cisco dCloud is your guide to all the Cisco goodness.

“For example,” says Technical Enablement Lead (Americas) Brian Villanueva, “Maybe you want to know how sausage is made. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the sausage. We have a learning solution based on what you want.”

“We have some of the sharpest people in their area of focus on this team,” Steve says. “It’s like joining a university faculty and sharing knowledge.”

One of those people is the team leader, Jason Angelus – director, Cisco dCloud. The dCloud team can’t say enough about him.

“We’re people first and treat each other like family,” Steve says. “We’re also probably the most diverse team at Cisco. Our ‘big cheese’ Jason is blind to color, gender, or whatever… what he does care about is bring the best talent and those that fit the ‘can do’ dCloud culture. We’re also encouraged to enjoy good home/work balance… not just all work. He cares about his team in a meaningful way, and we have fun together.”

dCloud jacket
The dCloud jacket is a trademark of the dCloud team!

One example of the family spirit on the dCloud team is that periodically there is an “All About Me” segment during their scheduled team call where they get a chance to learn more about each other The meeting facilitator asks new people to go off-script and share anything thing that they like that will help the team to learn about new team member, which builds trust on the team.

“Plus, Cisco allows dCloud to BE who we are,” Brian adds. “We’re not just contributing to the unknown. Cisco provides a clear vision, and inspires us to innovate. At dCloud, we actually feel like our work is contributing to Cisco, but also our greater community.”

Want to join the dCloud team? Or put your technology skills to work at a company that let’s you innovate like them? Then go apply at Cisco Careers.


Carmen Shirkey Collins

Social Media Manager

Talent Brand and Enablement Team, HR