A Polar Vortex, canceled school, and a sick babysitter walk into my life. What’s a working mom to do? Well for THIS working mom who’s a Cisco Partner AccountManager in Wisconsin – I was able to grab an extra cup of coffee (okay, ALL THE COFFEE), set up a movie theater for my kids (complete with popcorn) and still manage my daily tasks “at the office”.

I love working for a company that gives me the option to go for it on days like these, and it really proves how valuable our technology is to taking on each day and accomplishing our goals across all areas in our life!

As a working professional, wife, mom of three littles (ages 7, 5, and 3) – I feel so lucky to have grown my career at Cisco for almost 13 years. I love what I do and I love my Cisco family and our partner community. My goal each day is to make working with Cisco like hitting the “easy button” for our partners.

Having three kids while my husband and I both work full time in the tech industry is full of shenanigans.  While I haven’t found the “easy button” for that yet, I have learned and grown so much since becoming a mother. It has made me a better human and a better employee.  And in turn, working for Cisco has made me a better mom too!

Here are three things that help me to be my best for my family, teamates, and partners.

1. Have a dedicated morning routine: I love getting up before the kids so I can get my workout in, listen to a podcast, reflect, or start the work day a bit early to hit a deadline.  It’s my “alone” time of the day and it helps set each morning off on the right foot.

2. Be grateful: Strive to write down or acknowledge something you’re grateful for once a day. Did you know that quick bursts of positive emotions can improve focus and provide a quick and powerful antidote to stress and anxiety? Being grateful gives you that quick positive boost, and science tell us that you can actually train your brain to see the positive by doing this. You can literally change the lens through which you see the world. How powerful is that?!  Shawn Anchor’s Ted Talk is one I would recommend if you’d like to learn more on this topic.

3. Think about the vibe you want to put into the world: “What comes out of your mouth, comes into your life”- Jen Sincero.  For me, creating a visual of the qualities I strive to emobody, and my core priorities and beliefs has been a game changer. Keeping that visual on my desktop reminds me to respond and act consistently with the positive vibe I want to put into the world.

Some weeks, no matter what you do, things just don’t go according to plan.  No amount of waking up early, or writing down how grateful you are, or sending sunshine vibes can help. On the rare day when it all goes wrong (I’m looking at you, Polar Vortex) – I know how fortunate I am to work for a company who supports me to still get my job done AND be there for my children.

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Meg McGonigle

Partner Account Manager

Americas Partner Organization