Adela working on the computer with her son. As I graduated from university and entered the private sector, I was a math student with very low self-confidence. I thought my career likely wouldn’t be for too long, as once I started a family there wouldn’t be roles that would enable me to be both a professional and a mother.

I started at Cisco as a contractor after having my first baby, and I realized how exciting it was to have a role that fulfilled my needs as a new mother but that also gave me a sense of purpose. I loved knowing that I had the opportunity to learn from the best in the domain and through an open working environment. There were so many rich, beneficial discussions happening at Cisco.

As you can imagine, work-life balance was very important for me. And I loved that my managers did not micro-manage me. I am trusted for my expertise and skillset to get the best work done while managing my own time.

The people at Cisco are also amazing colleagues who do not just merely work as a team but see the benefit for everyone when we grow together. This has helped my confidence grow in so many ways!

Here are a few other ways Cisco has helped me grow my self-confidence:

1. Work/Life Balance is Key. My managers do not cling to my time, but to my results – so I can take care of my family and be there for my child, but also take care of my work and be there for my team. It is so important to find a role where you will be supported.

2. Find a Support System: Speaking of support – at Cisco I have been encouraged to grow, learn, and not to dwell on my mistakes. This has made all the difference in my confidence levels as I know my team and managers are there for me. They truly care, understand, and want to help me succeed. When you have this support system, you will flourish!

Adela on a hike with her family.

3. Challenge Yourself: Many young girls and women are not encouraged to become interested in technology or other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers. Often, they may seem scary, intimidating, or out of our comfort zone. But I am here to say that beyond our comfort zones is the greatest place to be! Technology is an exciting career for women, and Cisco has done so much for women in tech.

I have since become a full time Cisco employee and have never been happier! I am confident and know that I can help others to grow. While technology is a male dominated profession, I love seeing our workforce change and more women enter the field. I tell all my friends that technology (and Cisco especially) provides so much more opportunity for women in tech and balance for working mothers.


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Adela Jezkova

Data Science Analyst