Trisha sitting at deskWhen the company I worked for was acquired by Cisco, I knew I would be working with brilliant minds and more importantly – that Cisco was a great place to work for women. I’m proud to say, three years later, I have had a “front row seat” to watching so many inspirational women play a critical role in the growth of Cisco, while others stepped into leadership and executive level roles. 

I value Cisco’s commitment to empowering women and creating a dynamic space where we can focus on an inclusive future for all. We know that a diverse workforce drives innovation and creates an environment where employees feel respected and valued.  

Part of this dedication can be seen in our Employee Resource Organizations (ERO) like Cisco Connected Women and Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) and even our Leadership Connect Program as they shine a light on success stories from accomplished Cisco leaders. This helps us to know our leaders and executives very closely. Another program I recently had the opportunity to participate in is called DARE a high-impact women’s leadership program that prepares women in all stages of their careers and aligns to the most relevant Cisco competencies. 

The DARE Program helped me to see how important visibility and personal branding are and provided actionable tips on how to create and grow my personal branding (like writing this blog!). I was also able to ask questions like, “How do I go about selling my ideas in meetings?” and received great answers. And the most interesting part of the session for me was around the “emotional loop”. It made me see how things around me and scenarios can change once I feel confident in the position I am in and believe in myself 

The session also made me understand how important it is to celebrate my achievements, and that I should take credit for my contributions – no matter how “small” they may be. It was also wonderful to listen the stories from the other attendees who joined virtually from across the globe thanks to Cisco collaboration technology and are working in different cities and countries. Even though we were not physically together, it felt like we bonded over some very similar moments and grew together throughout the DARE program. We even have a DARE alumni Webex Teams space where we can stay connected! 

I am sure every participant will reap the benefits of this program throughout their career. The DARE session will always be a steppingstone for my career growth, and I feel I was fortunate enough to be selected for attending the event.  

Yes, hard work is always required for success, but authenticity is also needed. And you will never move or grow if you do not seek opportunities and increase the visibility of your work. I am really proud that Cisco not only sees this, and believes in it – but they are committed to building an environment that drives the best teams and retains the best talent. For this reason, and so many more, it is no surprise to me that we are #1 on the World’s Best Workplaces list for the second year in a row.

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Trisha Paul

Software Engineer

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