Have you heard? Cisco is the #1 best workplace in the U.S. — for the third year in a row!

While we’re celebrating this milestone in the U.S., we’ve also been named best workplace in dozens of countries across the globe in the past year. Why? Because #WeAreCisco and our people make this a great place to work!

Don’t just take our word, though. Check out why Cisconians love working at Cisco!

Erika holds a Cisco cup with two dogs in the background.

Erika B. – Marketing Specialist

I have loved the work-life balance, as this is critical when you have three kiddos who always have something going on. I am able to manage my schedule the best I can to get my kids to their appointments or school events yet still attend all meetings and meet deliverables. I also enjoy this flexibility to take care of myself and block my calendar every Tuesday/Thursday morning to attend my personal training sessions. The benefits are great, and I can spend some of my time volunteering for organizations and supporting causes I care about. #LoveWhereYouWork is definitely more than a hashtag!

Robyn stands next to a "Women of Cisco" sign.

Robyn B. –  Director, Finance

The culture at Cisco is like none that I have ever experienced before! The employee-centric focus from affinity groups, prioritizing career development and movement, as well as an inclusive culture, shows us how important we are as employees of Cisco. The work environment is specifically structured to put employees and their needs first – we come to the office when we want to collaborate, not just to show face. Cisco developed the technology for remote work and encourages people to work from anywhere; that flexibility facilitates work/life balance. Cisco is truly a unique and special place where we feel both supported and encouraged to make suggestions, inspire change, and ultimately to be our authentic selves. Cisco powers my purpose to follow my passion and lead with impact. I am truly grateful to work at Cisco!

Tracy stands next to her son with a Cisco sign in the background.

Tracy D. – Business Operations Manager

To power an inclusive future for all is not a slogan … it is the intentional work that continues at Cisco. I am proud to work at a company that stands by its word and actively seeks to invest in amazing talent … with no biases towards life experiences.

Olivia smiles with a #WeAreCisco sign in the background.

Olivia G. ­– Leader, Strategy & Planning Operations

I am honored to say I work at Cisco; I live and breathe the company culture!

I started my corporate career fresh out of undergrad as an emerging talent, red-badged resource 13 years ago, and was honored to secure a full-time role at Cisco four years ago. I have witnessed the collaboration and connection throughout the company in my time, having connected with hundreds of Cisco employees and consultants throughout the years. The company emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion by hiring diverse talent and spotlighting its inclusive communities like Women of Cisco and Conexion to connect them! I have benefited from participating in numerous networking events, personal and professional development programs, and volunteer and mentorship opportunities at Cisco or through Cisco. I am a proud first-generation Mexican American woman and have learned so much about myself and the benefits I bring to my everyday life by leading with who I am. Cisco has allowed me to find myself through these experiences and I’m so thankful to blaze a trail for others.

I love Cisco!

Shawn stands next to a Turtle Patrol vehicle.

Shawn C. ­– Senior Business Development Manager

For me, it is our Time2Give program — 80 hours to give back to things that are important to us. I can’t begin to tell you how much my community and I need this. This is affording me the opportunity to volunteer with The Division of Sea Turtle Science and Recovery at the Padre Island National Seashore, the only division of its kind across our National Park system. This truly makes an impact on the world around us, focusing on five sea turtle species – Kemp’s ridley, green, loggerhead, hawksbill, and leatherback. All are federally listed as threatened or endangered.

Specifically, I will be assisting in a bi-national program focused on restoring the Kemp’s ridley population. I would not have this amazing opportunity without the Time2Give program. My focus will be on patrolling for turtle nests, collecting eggs and taking them back to the biology center in the park, and assisting with hatchling releases. These efforts have brought the Kemp’s ridleys back from near-extinction status.

Thank you, Cisco, for truly making this the BEST PLACE TO WORK!!!

Naziya pictured with Cisco and #WeAreCisco signs.

Naziya S. – Supply Chain Transformation Program Manager

I knew when I joined Cisco back in 2006 that it is the company that pioneers not only networking technology but every aspect of life. Cisco is everywhere; we are the bridge to possible. I have always loved to work for Cisco due to its passion for its people, employees, customers, and partners. Our employee benefits showcase the care for our employees. Our products showcase “the ear to listen” factor for our customers and partners to make the best-class products that solve real-world problems.

There is no company, I literally mean no company on the face of this Earth, that demonstrates empathy, authentic support, care, and nurturing from top management down to the Inclusive Communities. Our Employee Resource Groups (Inclusive Communities) empower Cisco employees to be disruptors in changing the world by providing an inclusive and safe place to help in the community.

We are number #1 and will always remain number #1 for what we bring to this world.


You heard it here: Cisco really is a great place to work. Our technology keeps us connected, and we work together to power an inclusive future for all.

If you’re inspired to join us, find an opportunity now.


Kathleen Loescher

Content Strategist

We Are Cisco