Lucero F. sits in nature wearing a Cisco shirt and throws leaves in the air.After a brief hiatus, it’s back by popular demand! The #WeAreCisco #LoveWhereYouWork Contest has officially launched! It’s one of the best parts of my job because my team and I are on this journey with you, seeing why you love Cisco through your personal stories. If you’re new here, read just a few stories on this blog, and you’ll understand why people really do love working at Cisco.

This year, we’ve created some new contest categories that will allow you to celebrate our wins and get creative with sharing your photos in this dynamic, hybrid world.

Great Place to Work

It’s no secret Cisco is a great place to work — we’re Fortune’s #1 Best Company to Work For in the U.S. for the third year in a row and have topped the list in dozens of other countries across the globe! It’s time to get into celebration mode. Put on your favorite logoed gear, strike your best pose, hang the streamers, throw that confetti, and capture the moment celebrating Cisco! 

The World Is Your Workspace 

Hybrid work is here. It’s there. It’s everywhere. And working at Cisco, we have the flexibility to do our best work wherever our technology can take us. Whether that’s in or outside the boundaries of four walls, we want to see where hybrid work has taken you!

My Life in Tech 

As Cisconians, we’re always on the edge of innovation. We immerse ourselves in the latest tech through our work and our workspaces. Let’s see what you’re working on and where it happens!

Cisco as Part of the Family

Working at one of the world’s best workplaces, our partners, parents, kids—whatever we call family—can’t help but ❤️ Cisco, too. It’s time to get them in on the #LoveWhereYouWork action!

Tracy D. and her daughter fist bump in front of a Cisco sign. Cisco Logo Love 

We wear it proudly, cover our laptops in colorful stickers, and draw life-size versions in the sand and the snow … it’s even topped some very delicious baked goods. As Cisconians, we love our logo and want the world to know. Show it off!

Photography Pro

If shutter speed, f-stop, and Photoshop are your love languages, this is the category for you. You never miss the opportunity to capture the moment, and each is a work of art worthy of sharing. What are you waiting for?

Giving Back Is in our DNA 

One of the best things about working here? The positive impact we have on the world through our work and volunteer time. We use our talents and time for good, so let’s see how you give back!

Inclusive Communities  

We’re more than 30,000 strong, creating social impact through 28+ employee-led communities where everyone is welcome. We want to see (and hear) about all the amazing things you’ve been involved with this year!

Be You, With Us: Freestyle

We celebrate our unique, innovative, and diverse people, which is why we love it here … no one feels like they need to fit into a box. And the reason you love it here may not either, but we want to see and hear all about it!

Gabriel P. high fives dog wearing a Cisco bandana.

Benefits, Culture, and Perks (The Icing on the Cake)

The amazing culture, benefits, career opportunities, and other perks of being a Cisconian are what we tell our friends and family is so great about working here. Now, let’s show them!

Cisco Pets

They may interrupt our calls and type unintended Webex messages, but they’re everyone’s favorite coworkers. Sorry, teammates. ? This is their time to shine.

Video Star

Life happens in “Reel” time. If you’re capturing how you #LoveWhereYouWork in motion, let’s see it play out! All categories welcome.

Employee Choice

This wouldn’t be #WeAreCisco without your voices, so this category is just for that. You’ll vote and choose the winner from some of the top content submitted in all categories.

Employees can enter multiple times between now and May 5th but can only win once! Only Cisco employees are eligible to win, though anyone can search on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn for both #LoveWhereYouWork and #WeAreCisco where you’ll be able to see these amazing stories unfold! Don’t forget to like and share your favorites.

Stay tuned for the winners in July.

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Ileana Cates

Employer Brand Manager

WeAreCisco Employer Brand Team