As rail and mass transit operators are bouncing back from the global pandemic, they are also continuing along their digital transformation journey, looking to create a modern travel experience while improving operations and achieving sustainability goals.

Passengers have high digital expectations today and are used to the convenience of always-on services. Because of this, rail and mass transit operators are placing a strong emphasis on improving their customer experience – both in stations and on-board their trains. The passenger experience is being reimagined to provide a frictionless, safe, and connected journey.

In the most recent episode of the Coffee and Conversations podcast, Andy Manual and I joined host Danny Vicente to discuss the rail and mass transit industry and innovations and technology that are shaping its’ future. We review the latest trends that are driving sustainability, efficiency, and passenger-centricity in the industry.

Throughout the episode, we explore how transportation organizations can establish a secure, resilient, and agile network. Other topics we delve in to include:

  • How hybrid work is changing passenger needs
  • Achieving net-zero goals
  • Connectivity challenges
  • Cybersecurity for critical infrastructure

We close the podcast with a conversation around the future of rail – increased automation, electrification, high-speed rail, and more.

Watch or take a listen to the episode, available now!

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Laura Perek

Global Industry Lead, Transportation

Industry Solutions Group