Windows XP

December 1, 2014


MS14-063 A Potential XP Exploit

5 min read

This post was written by Marcin Noga with contributions by Earl Carter and Martin Lee. New vulnerabilities for old operating systems may not seem particularly interesting, until you consider the large number of legacy machines running outdated versions of Windows. Windows XP has reached its end of life, meaning that new vulnerabilities will not be […]

April 9, 2014


The End of Support for Windows XP: Problem or Opportunity?

2 min read

Last night , at midnight PST , Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. While 12 years may seem an appropriate length of time to support a software product in today’s fast-changing world, this decision will have a major impact on the business operations of many companies whose IT infrastructure is based on the retiring operating […]

October 16, 2013


One Week After April First, It’s No Joke

1 min read

April first falls on a Tuesday next year. The following Tuesday is Microsoft’s monthly security update. It will be the last monthly security update for the Windows XP operating system. About one third of the computers with Windows operating systems on the Internet today are still running Windows XP, an operating system almost 15 years […]