network virtualization technology

October 3, 2022


CML 2.4 Now Supports Horizontal Scale With Clustering

3 min read

Cisco Modeling Labs, the premier platform for network simulation, now offers clustering in CML 2.4 for CML-Enterprise and CML-Higher Education customers who have migrated to a CML cluster deployment. The latest feature allows for horizontal scaling across multiple servers while providing a single user interface to manage labs.

February 13, 2017


Growth or decline? Why there’s no middle ground in the new digital era

2 min read

Making small changes to legacy systems isn’t enough – it’s time to leap into the virtual future Thanks to rapidly developing trends like the growth of the cloud, online video and the Internet of Things (IoT), the way we use the internet is changing fast. The Cisco 2015 Global Cloud Index forecast predicts that in […]