October 16, 2018


Vulnerability Spotlight: Linksys ESeries Multiple OS Command Injection Vulnerabilities

1 min read

These vulnerabilities were discovered by Jared Rittle of Cisco Talos Today, Talos is disclosing several vulnerabilities that have been identified in Linksys E Series of routers operating system. Multiple exploitable...

January 24, 2013


Belkin Announces Intent to Acquire Linksys

1 min read

Today, Belkin announced its intent to acquire Cisco’s Home Networking Business Unit and its leading brand, Linksys.  With this agreement, we are pleased to preserve the strong Linksys brand and create a win-win relationship in the market. Linksys is a strong and enduring brand with a talented team that has helped revolutionize the way we […]

November 19, 2012


Worldwide IPv6 Usage Reaches Key Threshold

4 min read

The aim of the World IPv6 Launch was to spark a steady, sustained, growth of IPv6 usage leading up to and continuing after June 6, 2012. The continued growth since June 6 and the milestone reached this weekend is an indicator that this commitment had its intended affect thus far. Cisco now has its own AS (#109) on the network operator list, making it the first in the world that is participating in all three categories of the World IPv6 Launch. User activity as measured by Google hit 0.25% for the first time in March 2011. A year later, on March 10, 2012, it doubled to 0.5% for the first time. It's taken about 8 months to double that again to reach 1.0% today. If this trend continues, it will double again by mid next year and could break past 10% by the end of 2014. The trend is increasingly clear: If you are a network operator, network-enabled application developer, or anyone else that works with IP and are not running IPv6 now or don't have a plan in place to make it happen soon, now is the time to get started.