My #InternetofEverything Perspective: Integrating Cities with IoE and City24/7

1 min read

Tom Touchet, CEO of City24/7, shares his perspective on the Internet of Everything.  When the Internet of Everything is written about in history, the main determiner of its success or failure will be how it has benefited humanity. With this goal of ultimate connectivity in mind, Cisco and LG partnered with City24/7, a revolutionary IoE […]

April 22, 2013


Is Manufacturing Coming Back to the US?

2 min read

Manufacturing Exports up over past 18 months for USA. Douglas Burtnick of Aberdeen Asset Management was heard on NBR recently talking about how the US export story is really interesting, and often overlooked by those not focused on the manufacturing industry. He said…  “Companies are seeing external demand for anything from machinery, to electronics, to […]