cisco ucs integrated infrastructure

October 14, 2015


Celebrating Five Years of FlexPod Success and Innovation

2 min read

    Five years ago, Cisco and NetApp released FlexPod, combining Cisco UCS integrated infrastructure and NetApp storage, with the goal of increasing IT responsiveness to business demands while reducing cost and risk. We started with solutions focused on virtualized infrastructure and desktop virtualization and experienced great success. We have continued to integrate new technologies […]

June 26, 2015


My take on the integrated infrastructure buzz

2 min read

I recently created a playlist of my favorite 80’s, 90’s and current songs. Listening to the playlist in shuffle mode, I noticed the stark contrast and evolution of the recording...

April 16, 2015


Five Reasons You Can’t Ignore OpenStack

3 min read

Five Reasons You Can’t Ignore OpenStack 1.    It’s growing dramatically. Source: OpenStack User Survey, November 2014 ·       The growth trajectory of OpenStack® is similar to that of Linux, and is on track to grow even faster. What started as a sandbox for developers has now become significantly more stable and mainstream. ·       Many larger […]