November 8, 2017


El Programa de Talento de Arquitectura nutre las habilidades clave, llena la brecha de capacitación en Cisco IT

Las personas son el activo más importante de una empresa, por lo que Cisco está profundamente comprometido con fomentar un clima de innovación, crecimiento profesional y enriquecimiento centrado en el negocio. Este compromiso fue especialmente evidente en el Programa de Talento de Arquitectura (ATP) de Cisco IT. El programa piloto FY16 se lanzó para inculcar […]

September 14, 2016


Architecture Talent Program Nurtures Key Skills, Fills Cisco IT Training Gap

People are a company’s greatest asset, which is why Cisco is deeply committed to fostering a climate of innovation, professional growth, and business-focused enrichment. This commitment was especially evident in Cisco IT’s Architecture Talent Program (ATP). The FY16 pilot program was launched to instill an Enterprise Architecture (EA) mindset among IT employees and build critical […]

May 5, 2014


The Continuum Approach for Secure Mobility

A couple weeks ago, we spoke about the mobility journey and the phases that organizations take as they embrace the widely accepted mode of mobility—Beyond BYOD to Workspace Mobility (device-focus, application-focus and experience-focus). Whatever phase your organization is in, security is a top priority. These phases can help determine your secure mobility approach but your […]