application acceleration

February 13, 2014


Why a Solid-State System’s Read/Write Symmetry Matters for Your Business

2 min read

Read/write symmetry refers to a solid-state system’s ability to execute either a read or a write call or a function with equal levels of priority, importance and delivery—it takes the same amount of time to read as it does to write. Achieving read/write symmetry should be a priority for your business for two reasons: symmetry […]

February 12, 2014


Application Acceleration with UCS in a Flash

1 min read

Later this month I’ll be taking part in a webcast dedicated to helping viewers Uncover the Business Impact of Application Acceleration with Solid-State Systems. I think the most important thing for business executives to understand is that application acceleration goes beyond enabling workloads to run faster. It’s also about reducing the time that it takes […]