Later this month I’ll be taking part in a webcast dedicated to helping viewers Uncover the Business Impact of Application Acceleration with Solid-State Systems. I think the most important thing for business executives to understand is that application acceleration goes beyond enabling workloads to run faster. It’s also about reducing the time that it takes to make resources available so that you can accelerate applications. This concept is equally important.

Now we have an end-to-end performance story. Something that used to take weeks can now potentially be done in a day. The notion around spending time troubleshooting becomes dramatically reduced. The ability to just simply assign resources or quickly deploy assets and bring them into the environment and immediately use them becomes very, very easy. Where in the past there was a lot of thought and planning that had to go into it, “What am I buying, and how will it be configured, and how will it potentially be used?”

Now I have this wonderful environment called UCS. I have high-performance computing. I have flash memory. I have the ability to organize the resources through the UCS management technology, and I can focus on speeding up my business, my entire business. I can focus on bringing my new ideas online while taking full advantage of the applications that I have in place today, and watching each and every one of them run faster with minimal, if any, changes.

We’re really going to help propel customers into the future. A future that is about the Internet of Everything. A future that is about consistently high performance, and a future that is about getting things done much, much faster tomorrow than we do today. That’s part of what this webcast will articulate.

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