There are times where more is better; more sunshine, more vacation time, more cupcakes!

However, less is also good. Think of a round of golf, or perhaps root canals!

Or how about the quantity of customer premises equipment (CPE) you need to deliver a compelling video and data experience to your subscribers?

Imagine one box of tricks that does the lot… and more!

Well at Cisco, we just made one.

It’s called the UGW2052, and it’s our latest Unified Gateway.

Not only does the UGW2052 cater to all your video and data needs under one chassis, it also combines the video and data chip!  So along with all the traditional advantages of a unified gateway, you can:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for CPE in the home
  • Reduce network cost while giving all IP devices efficient access to content
  • Migrate to IP while QAM video still exists
  • Migration to 4K UHD by bypassing 4K directly to a cost effective IP set-top boxes
  • Freedom of TV placement with Video over WiFi
  • Dual concurrent WiFi with 802.11ac
  • Simplify home network management

You also get additional cost efficiencies with the video/data integrated chip design further enhancing the benefits of the unified gateway.

More options is often a good thing and in the case of UGW2052 it delivers.  Less hassle and costs is also often a good thing and theUGW2052 also delvers on this front as well.  So in the end whether less is more or more is more, the UGW2052 provides both.

To test drive the UGW2052, visit us at NCTA in booth 1323.


David Yates

as Director of Service Provider Video Marketing at Cisco