Tomorrow’s Cloud Starts Here is an important starting point for your Cisco Live experience on Monday, June 24. This track of business-focused cloud sessions addresses the needs of both consumers and providers of cloud services. These thought leadership sessions will explore how organizations can best use cloud services to power their business and shows how cloud providers can leverage the latest in technology, commercial models, and delivery resources to bring quality-assured services to market.

The day will begin with an update on Cisco’s cloud strategy, perspectives on the enormous opportunity presented by the Internet of Everything and the impact cloud is having on both provider and company business models. Ellen Daley, Managing Director, Business Technology Client Group, at Forrester will be partnering  with Scott Puopolo, VP, Internet Business Solutions Group, to have a candid conversation of what’s going on in the market and how this affects certain verticals. We then will hear from Rebecca Jacoby, CIO and SVP for Cisco’s Cloud and Systems Management Technology Group discussing what the Cisco IT team has learned in building cloud services to support Cisco, including her organization structure, architecture strategy, and business process changes.

I’ll then be moderating an Innovation Panel consisting of Rebecca and more business executives from Cisco including Jamie Learner, VP/GM, Cloud and Systems Management Technology Group, Giuliano Di Vitantonio, VP, Data Center and Cloud Solutions Marketing, and Rowan Trollope, SVP/GM, Collaboration Technology Group. This panel will dive into emerging cloud technologies to provide insight into the technology trends impacting the market.

And recognizing that real-life examples can be the most enlightening, for our case studies, we are lucky to have Chris Kemmerer, Executive Director of Advance Communications and Professional Services, from Verizon joining to talk about cloud-based collaboration and Jonathan King, VP of Global Cloud Solutions, from SAVVIS to discuss Infrastructure as a Service. Both speakers plan to include customer examples to help provide context for their end-to-end cloud story.

To secure your spot for the full day, please add the following program track sessions to your schedule after you register for Cisco Live Orlando. Here is the direct link to the sessions catalog.

9:00-10:00 AM SIPSP-1280 Business Transformation Through Cloud – Jeff Spagnola
10:00-11:00 AM SIPSP-1281 Market Insights to Guide Cloud Decisions – Ellen Daily/Scott Puopolo
11:00-11:45 AM SIPSP-1282 IT as a Service: A CIO’s View – Rebecca Jacoby
Noon-1:00 PM SIPSP-1283 Innovation Panel: Emerging Cloud Technology and Its Impact
1:00-2:00 PM SIPSP-1284 Orchestrating and Automating Tomorrow’s Cloud – Jamie Lerner
2:00-3:00 PM SIPSP-1285 The Case for Cloud-Based Collaboration and a Validated Approach to Adoption – Chris Kemmerer
3:00-4:00 PM SIPSP-1286 The Case for Cloud-Based Infrastructure and a Validated Approach to Adoption – Jonathan King
4:00-4:30 PM SIPSP-1287 A Roadmap for the Future of Cloud – Jeff Spagnola






Please plan to join us, bring questions, and take away solid strategies for propelling your business forward, whether you’re using the cloud, providing cloud services, or helping drive the marketplace.


Jeff Spagnola

Vice President of Sales, Cloud and Managed Services

Cisco Service Provider market segment