The release of the fifth annual Cisco Global Cloud Index highlights the potential impact that Internet of Everything (IoE) applications could have on data centers and cloud computing infrastructures. The growing digitization trend is creating massive volumes of new digital data that represent both challenges and opportunities. As a proof point, by 2019, data generated by IoE apps is expected to reach 507 ZB annually — 49 times higher than total annual data center traffic of 10.4 ZB for the same year. Here are a few brief visual insights into the possible impact of IoE and Big Data on our future digital lifestyles.

  1. Data is everywhere and growing!

By 2019, there will be 24.4B IP connected global devices and connections, an average of 3.2 devices and connections per capita. Per the GCI Forecast, the total amount of data generated by people, machines and “things” will be a “staggering” 43 Zettabytes per month.


  1. Some of this data is finding a home on data centers. The (GCI) forecast estimates that the total volume of stored data on devices and in data centers will reach 3.5 zettabytes by 2019. Global data center computation and storage capacity is also on the increase— 2.5 fold workload growth between 2014 and 2019.

Storing this data is one thing, but its true value lies in organizing and analyzing it to make more productive or corrective business actions. However, the questions still remain — what to do with all of the data that surrounds us on a daily basis, how can we determine what should be stored and analyzed and what can be discarded?


  1. With real-time analytics and immediate assessments, data generated by billions of devices and connections can be strategically leveraged to make instant decisions on any number of value-added initiatives.

This is instrumental to creating better customer experiences, safer public environments and higher productivity and efficiency for organizations in both the public and private sectors.


  1. Talk about data doing some good!

Smart, connected communities that promote better planning and development such as traffic management, emergency response and public & environment safety and better health care through faster, more effective patient and doctor communications are just two areas where information stored in the Data Center can be converted to actionable and impactful information.


Want more insights into Data Center, the Internet of Everything and more ways data increases are creating more opportunities? Visit the Global Cloud Index page and register for the Global Cloud Index forecast update presentation on November 10.


Shruti Jain

Leader, Project & Program Management

X-Architecture Marketing, Enterprise Networking & Cloud