Today, the world received the blueprint for the Internet for the Future from Cisco – the company who built and powered the Internet for the past 35 years.  Built on breakthrough building blocks in silicon, software, systems and optics from Cisco, the next Internet will be supercharged, limitless and designed to power technologies, applications and services in the era of 5G/AI/IoT.

From a Marketing standpoint, it has been incredibly exciting to drive the launch of this amazing technology that is changing the world.

We started with a month-long ‘teaser’ campaign to generate a buzz amongst our employees, our customers, and the world around “The Internet is About to Change – Are you ready?” The internal campaign was extensive with everything from wrapping our corporate headquarters with ads to popping up ads throughout the world on our Telepresence screens that employees use for meetings every day.  Externally, we ran print and digital ads in major business media like the NY Times and in tech publications.  We created videos, articles, blogs, website pages, cinemagraphs, infographics, social media, PR, AR, IR activities, message testing, white papers, briefs, product data sheets, presentation decks, battlecards, use cases and much more. Even did a little something special with the 49ers.

This all led up to our one-two punch for media, analysts and customers:

Today, we hosted an exclusive event in San Francisco where we unveiled our vision and strategy to transform the engine that powers the Internet in front of the industry’s most important reporters and analysts.  At the event, we had unprecedentedendorsement from some the biggest names across web, social, content, telco, and cable: Microsoft, Facebook, AT&T, Walt Disney Studios, Comcast, and CenturyLink.

We will follow that up with a virtual event in January for customers to showcase the foundation for the Internet for the Future by further elaborating on our new architecture’s building blocks:

  • New unifying chip, the Cisco Silicon One™ with capabilities beyond anything the market has today or in the near future
  • Transformational approach to optics for 400G and beyond
  • New routing portfolio for mass-scale required in 5G/AI/IoT era
  • Cloud-enhanced software designed to lower costs
  • Unique business model that moves well beyond traditional hardware, software and subscription models.

Today’s launch was the biggest in the history of our Service Provider business and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of Cisco and the team that launched it to the world.



Internet for the Future


Marci Hanlon

Vice President

Global Service Provider Marketing