I always look forward to the latest innovations in the cable market at SCTE-ISBE Cable-Tec Expo, and this year’s event in New Orleans is particularly exciting, marking the 50th anniversary of SCTE-ISBE with a fitting theme, “Raising the Bar on Technology Innovation.”

We are committed to helping cable operators transform their infrastructures, and I am excited about what’s on the horizon for 5G and cable.  In the last decade, we’ve seen a complete transformation in the service provider space with rise in mobile services, delivering ubiquitous connectivity to billions of people and devices around the world.  We are now focused on the next evolution of mobile networking and the impact and opportunities of 5G.

Cisco is innovating, developing, and implementing the trusted network foundation for 5G connectivity, ensuring that it will be scalable and secure, positioning Cisco as the most important vendor for 5G because of our ability to help our customers monetize their 5G infrastructure.

Many cable operator’s networks have unique and untapped potential for delivering mobile network services.  Existing cable networks are extensive, with highly dense connectivity, which the 5G future needs.  For cable operators to tap into the mobile services market, an operator needs to be thoughtful about their infrastructure’s transformation.

We understand how difficult it is to be navigating network, business, and operational transformations. Cisco can help you determine the right solutions and technologies that will maximize value and drive down overall costs.  We have the knowledge, experience, and portfolio for evolving your entire network to embrace the 5G opportunity, including:

  • Progressive architectural transformation for converging, simplifying and optimizing all services to exist on a single network
  • Planning, designing, and building the foundation of the future with IP Ethernet and a Converged Interconnect Network (CIN)
  • Using DOCSIS networks and their density to support the needs of 5G radios
  • Monetizing cable network investments to reach enterprise customers with new digital infrastructure for profitable new service offerings

Today’s extensive and existing cable infrastructures have the potential to scale and support current LTE network services and future 5G networks. Cisco continues to lead research and development projects with CableLabs, aiming to help cable operators advance their network’s capabilities and pursue new revenue opportunities. Our latest project involves enabling 5G over 10G low latency x-haul (LLX) over DOCSIS. Check out Jennifer Fang’s blog to learn more how together we are making the HFC network a better x-haul network that benefits consumers, mobile operators, and cable operators.

We encourage you to come by and visit us at SCTE booth 1301 in New Orleans to see how we’re advancing traditional cable networks for a new era of networking with 5G and beyond. See you in the Big Easy!


Jonathan Davidson

EVP and General Manager

Cisco Networking