Kaleido Intelligence recently released their competitive research report, Kaleido Connectivity Vendor Hub H2 2021: Competitive Analysis, which compares the performance of the top IoT cellular connectivity vendors and how they are enabling Service Providers to expand use cases and lines of business.

Kaleido Intelligence acknowledges some key challenges in the market, including “custom device and application requirements, long lead times, regulatory hurdles as well as a lack of interoperable platforms and systems”, but ultimately concludes that “the technology is expected to see significant growth over the coming 5 years.”

When they say significant growth, they mean it. Kaleido estimates that cellular connections – the kind that delivers connectivity to IoT devices – will jump from 1.6 billion connections in 2019 to 6.8 billion by the end of 2026. That’s a CAGR of 23%!

According to Kaleido, the growth will be fueled by a combination of factors, including:

  • falling hardware costs
  • innovation in the connectivity space to reduce supply chain complexity
  • deployment scaling and coverage
  • the emergence of LPWAN (LTE-M and NB-IoT)

Champion Status

At Cisco, we have embraced the challenges and opportunities of the IoT connectivity market with continuous innovations to our IoT Control Center digital connectivity platform. In their report, Kaleido recognizes this commitment to innovation. They have named Cisco as the #1 Champion in the IoT Connectivity Management category and a High Flyer in eSIM Connectivity. Their analysis concludes:

“Not unexpectedly, the company’s CMP [Connectivity Management Platform] is among the most fully-featured of all of the platforms analysed. Reporting and diagnostics within the CMP are robust and provide both enterprise-friendly as well as complex metrics for analysis… Overall, in terms of self-service capabilities and underlying intelligent logic, Cisco’s CMP is unmatched in the market.”

KALEIDO Champion Connectivity Management Platform

How does Cisco help Service Providers drive growth with IoT Control Center?

  1. Massive scale: the ability to optimize at scale to address the opportunity in mass-scale markets like Smart infrastructure and Smart utilities
  2. Simplicity & completeness: unlock additional features at no cost
  3. 5G: accelerate time-to-market to launch and monetize Public or Private 5G services at scale
  4. AI and Machine Learning: detect abnormal usage, cohort behavior and rogue device detection, and proactively inform users about issues
  5. eSIM Flex Ecosystem: a turnkey eSIM solution in the cloud enables aaS with faster TTM, simpler integration and less risk for applications like localized Connected Car and Zero-touch deployment

With IoT Control Center, analytics and diagnostics, comprehensive security, billing, backend integration, lifecycle automation and SLA management are all built-in from day one. The goal is simple: to help Service Providers deploy simply and quickly while building out new value-added services for their customers.

With over 190 million devices connected today, IoT Control Center is the leading Connectivity Management Platform in the market.

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Ken Davidson

Director, SaaS

Cloud Security Business Unit