This week, I’m at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and can’t imagine a more invigorating way to start the new year than being a part of the world’s largest showcase of breakthrough technologies.

In the cable access space, we’re unleashing next generation technologies that open new opportunities for cable operators worldwide—technologies that enable scale and future growth. First, we automated the deployment of Remote PHY (RPHY) with Smart PHY, and now we’re making licensing easier. With our announcement of “Infinite Broadband Unlocked” (IBU), cable operators using the Cisco Converged Broadband Router (cBR-8) platform can offer high-speed broadband services with greater operational simplicity and reduced business risk.

The first licensing program of its kind in the cable industry, IBU helps operators improve the economics of offering very high-speed services to both residential and business customers.

This new IBU licensing program enables operators to focus on their business success by simplifying capacity licensing. IBU has only one perpetual license type based on bandwidth consumption. What does all this mean? For the first time ever, cable operators are free to deploy innovative and highly differentiated service tiers immediately while paying for capacity based on a successful business outcome.

Our focus at CES is on our customers, and our new IBU licensing program is just one of the ways we’re leading the way in next gen solutions. Here at our CES suites in the Wynn Hotel, you can see how were redefining the network through automation, Smart PHY, cloud native CMTS (and more!) with technologies that increase bandwidth, improve agility and continue convergence toward a future proof all IP network.

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Sean Welch

Vice President and General Manager

Service Provider - Cable