Digitization is opening up new opportunities for business expansion. Cloud and IP are enabling service providers to deliver new services and impactful experiences with greater agility, less cost and flexibility. Interconnected devices are offering exciting new means to respond rapidly and deliver a truly exceptional experience anywhere at any time that you and your customers can benefit from. Although these new trends introduce new opportunities to service providers, it also presents new vulnerabilities and risks from hackers and cyber attacks.

New Trends Bring New Risks

Hackers are sophisticated, financially motivated and are increasingly launching new attacks that are hard to see and stop. The estimated industry time it takes companies to discover these attacks is between 100 and 200 days. The attacks are damaging for service providers resulting in business impact, service disruption and revenue loss.

The reality is, the occurrence of breaches is not slowing down any time soon. Just recently, a post-production media company has taken a direct hit which has negatively affected major cloud and IP based companies such as Netflix. In the mobility space, the T-Mobile breach resulted in massive theft of customer information. Customers take notice of which environments are safe and can offer impactful experiences.

It’s time to rethink security and how you can leverage it as a key business enabler to drive forward with your business outcomes.

Cisco Security Solution Launches and Offers at MWC and IBC

At Mobile World Congress 2017, Cisco announced the Security Architecture for Mobile Service Providers. Read the MWC 2017 Security Press Release to learn more about key announcements such as Security Gateway (SecGW), Umbrella for SPs and an exciting announcement made with Samsung to extend greater visibility into the endpoint. IBC 2016 unveiled New IP and Cloud-Based Solutions for its Security for Video Portfolio. Cisco Security for Video enables broadcast and media companies to protect premium content, infrastructure, and critical business systems from advanced cyber threats. Read the IBC 2016 Press Release to learn more.

As you transform your network, security must be deployed strategically across the network, cloud and endpoint.

Cisco Security Architecture

Cisco’s Security architecture integrates best-of-breed technologies that work in concert, giving you the visibility and control you need for robust security holistically – across the endpoint, network and cloud. Backed by Talos, the largest threat telemetry network and research team in the world, you can be sure you have the latest in threat intelligence. Our unique solution extends visibility into the network, successfully decreasing the time to detect to as low as six hours (remember, the industry average time to detect a security breach had occurred is 100 to 200 days).

Cisco at CommunicAsia 2017

Cisco is participating at CommunicAsia 2017 where we will be showcasing how Cisco’s simple, open and automated security solutions enable Service Providers to deliver effective security that helps to protect their business, protect their customers, and monetize new opportunities. Register now if you are at Singapore!!


Sam Rastogi

Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager