Good network security means thinking holistically

September 18, 2017 - 0 Comments

Combating hackers is tough. They’re always out there, searching for new ways to attack. But for effective network security, Telecom service providers can learn something from nature. And look at the way that bees protect their hive from bears. Here is the story


The queen bee is very important. To protect her, the worker bees use a sophisticated defence system.

It starts before an attack happens. As the bees buzz around the hive making the honey for the queen, they’re also keeping an eye out for threats. They spot something heading their way… a bear. The bear walks up to the hive, pawing at it to get at the honey. He’s trying to knock it from the tree.

But the worker bees swarm him to distract him.  And finally, they drive him away. Their queen is safe.

Now it’s time to assess the damage.

And begin repairing the hive. To strengthen it against a future attack.


Your business is much like a bee hive.

It’s full of precious contents that bears – or hackers – want. To make sure they can’t get it, Cisco follows the holistic approach of the bees. We help service providers monitor the environment for threats. Fight back strongly when they’re under attack. And recover effectively afterwards.


Bees can’t get rid of bears, but they can manage them. And while hackers will always be out there, we can help you stay one step ahead of them. We combine best of breed solutions into an integrated architecture. That protects networks before, during, and after an attack. And creates a solid platform for success.

Together, let’s secure your future business growth. Learn more now.

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