The modern workforce is highly distributed – more users, devices, locations. Applications are more decentralized across multiple clouds and data centers.  The security perimeter has greatly expanded; more difficult to protect.

A large business opportunity awaits the service provider – how will you get ready?

November 13th-15th, 2018, Cisco Partner Summit: Some big announcements were made.

A prominent one was on uniting SD-WAN and security to address the new cloud edge – read the press release.  Scott blogged about it and other significant announcements; Dr. Gee also blogged about Reinventing Branch Connectivity with Cisco SD-WAN and Security.

This is the bridge from the cloud to wherever you need to be.

As a service provider, you might be thinking, “What does this mean for my business?”   A two word answer: “Positively plenty!”    Let’s start at the beginning, your enterprise customers.

The Enterprise WAN Today

Today, the workforce is highly distributed.  The applications consumed are more decentralized, moving from the corporate data center to the cloud. But the cloud is actually multiple clouds and the increasing number of users, devices and locations that need access to the applications is creating overwhelming complexity for the IT department across all industries.

Schematic of a highly complex and dynamic network

Broadband Internet is the preferred method of connectivity for the mobile and work-from-home workers and even for small branches, simply based on economics or availability.  However, the current level of security, consistency or quality of application experience that is delivered falls short of the enterprise needs and expectations set by traditional VPNs, typically based on MPLS links.

What Does Cisco SD-WAN Security Mean for Service Providers?

With Cisco SD-WAN Security, you can create and deliver profitable managed SD-WAN and security services that meet the needs of your enterprise customers.  You can enable them to connect to any cloud, anywhere, securely while delivering the best user experience.

A business opportunity awaits you to deliver managed WAN (SD-WAN) and branch services (SD-Branch).

  • 40% net new businesses are looking to subscribe to managed services by 2019 (IDC)
  • 75% of enterprises will choose an existing WAN provider for their managed branch needs. (IDC)
  • Managed network services are expected to grow from $B6.54 in 2017 to $B12.05 by 2022, CAGR of 13% (Markets and Markets)
  • Complements your existing MPLS VPN services – Add more value; expand market to more branches and to more customers who previously could not afford MPLS VPNs alone for their WAN needs.

Cisco SD-WAN combines best-of-breed in security and SD-WAN


But that’s not all:

Greater than 1 million installed branch routers by Cisco are ready to have the new SD-WAN Security capability just through a software upgrade over the WAN. No truck rolls, no hardware upgrades, just lower capex and opex.


Cisco products and solutions: Meraki MX, ENCS 5000, Public Cloud, vEdge, ISR 1000, ISR 4000, ASR 1000


And there’s more:

Simplify your own network operations and management for faster and cheaper service delivery.

Our Managed Services Accelerator is a companion platform that helps you deliver managed SD-WAN services in a multi-service, multi-client and multi-vendor environment.  Your benefit: greater flexibility, more choice, and cost reduction in services delivery.

Get new service revenues faster with a compelling secure SD-WAN offering for your business clients.

Why Partner with Cisco?

We bring together leadership in SD-WAN and security to deliver a WAN architecture that meets the challenges of your business clients:

  • Deliver routing and threat intelligence on certified trustworthy infrastructure
  • Offer complete end-to-end services from user to application across the branch, campus and cloud.
  • Scale your WAN easily to thousands of end-points across all verticals, globally.
  • Lower security risk by blocking more threats more quickly, and containing the ones that get through so you can maintain compliance.

Along with our technologies and solutions, we also bring leadership in enterprise networking and go-to-market expertise to our partnership with you.

A Cisco – service provider partnership provides more choices for enterprise IT in how they adopt the much-needed SD-WAN.   Everyone wins!


Learn more about Cisco SD-WAN and get yourselves ready for a great ride to success!

Learn more about other managed services solutions and get ready for a bigger ride to success!



Wayne Cullen

Senior Manager, Service Provider Architectures