The proliferation of the cloud has allowed users to connect to applications and data from anywhere and from any device, which has been a net gain for businesses that have reaped the rewards of greater output and employee productivity. But many enterprises have seen their digital transformation hindered by their legacy network architectures. With software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) enterprises can accelerate their transformation with faster access to cloud applications and workloads through direct internet access that is easy to deploy at scale and simpler to manage.

The challenge of comprehensive SECURITY within the DIGITAL Journey

With SD-WAN enabling direct internet access, and thus the ability to circumvent data center security, enterprises open themselves up to new security risks, like:

  • Outside-in threats, such as unauthorized access to internal servers, DDoS, and ransomware
  • Inside-out threats, such as data loss prevention
  • Internal threats, such as insider threat and APT lateral movement

Businesses want to be secure, but today if you want SD-WAN security it comes as something separate that has to be bolted on. Not only is this complex, but it creates vulnerabilities in itself. Only Cisco is building security into SD-WAN to eliminate complexity and gaps in security.

Cisco SD-WAN Security from the WAN to Cloud Edge

As a leader in both SD-WAN and network security, Cisco is proud to announce its end-to-end secure SD-WAN platform, which simplifies the deployment, operation and management of the entire enterprise WAN from one single console.


Cisco recently announced built-in security directly into its Viptela SD-WAN fabric, which provides these unique capabilities:

  • Comprehensive SD-WAN security:
    • Outside-in: Embedded in every SD-WAN enabled router will be an enterprise firewall, IPS, and URL filtering security capabilities.
    • Inside-out: Customers can also take advantage of Cisco Umbrella and Duo by filtering traffic while protecting data sent to and from the cloud and ensuring the right level of access to business applications.
    • Internal: Delivering comprehensive security coverage for internal traffic through traffic encryption, zero-trust authentication, and segmenting traffic, user, and devices.
  • Simple and automated management:
    • One-box solution: Featuring integrated security and networking into one platform for reduced complexity and easier management.
    • Zero-touch provisioning: Setup and deploy your security across the WAN and manage centrally.
    • Faster cloud security time-to-value: Easily configure your SD-WAN enabled branch routers to leverage Cisco Umbrella as a Secure Internet Gateway for DIA breakouts.

Cisco was recently announced as a “leader” by Gartner in WAN Edge Infrastructure. We’re also a “leader” in enterprise firewall and IPS. That’s why Cisco is uniquely positioned to re-invent the WAN and offer truly best-in-class SD-WAN security.

Learn more at cisco.com/go/sdwan-security




Dr. Gee Rittenhouse

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Security Business Group