Exaprobe, subsidiary of respected digital technology integrator and cloud service provider Econocom in France, rolled-out new Cloud Security Services as part of their Security Threat Assessment and Response Center (STARC) offering. The STARC services provide Exaprobe customers industry-leading protection from today’s most advanced cyber threats and reduces operating expenses such as staffing and equipping an internal security team.

Exaprobe’s news follows publication of test results from independent test lab EANTC that validate Cisco’s threat-centric security solutions for service providers. Light Reading, commissioned the study to examine just how emerging network topologies can be secured, defended and recovered before, during and after attacks of various kinds. The details are published here. This result is the industry’s first, third party validation of physical and virtual security solutions for SP cloud and NFV. EANTC found Cisco’s suite of capabilities more than capable of meeting the needs of today’s service providers, whether in a virtualized environment or when a hardware-based solution is needed to deliver certain levels of performance and scale. This testing illustrates how Service Providers can move confidently and quickly to embrace NFV and new innovative services to increase revenue, deliver greater business agility, lower costs, and minimize risk.

Exaprobe leverages Cisco’s Hosted Security as a Service (HSS) Solution to deliver their STARC cloud-based security services. STARC includes Cisco security network function virtualization (NFV) technology, which enables Exaprobe to deliver comprehensive cloud-based web security, email security, and advanced malware protection with sandboxing services to protect against the most advanced web and email borne cyber attacks. The offering ensures that sophisticated threats are identified, contained and remediated — all without inhibiting service delivery, network agility, speed or scalability. And in addition, their comprehensive solution provides complete visibility that meets stringent French Governmental security regulations, including incident log management.

Hackers are increasingly targeting service providers and their enterprise customers with sophisticated attacks that exploit the attack surface presented by new mobile services, expanded network connections, and device proliferation. Service providers seeking to adopt market leading security solutions turn to Cisco to protect their business and their enterprise customers – before, during and after an attack.

Cyril Azambre, Deputy General Manager, Exaprobe stated that Cisco’s best of breed security solutions were the natural choice to integrate within their Hosted Security as a Service (HSS) and STARC. Cisco’s industry-leading threat centric security capabilities coupled with huge investments in the product and solution roadmap made Cisco the unquestionable choice. The STARC service, powered by Cisco HSS, incorporates virtual web security appliance (WSAv), email security appliance (ESAv) and advanced malware protection (AMP) running on top of Cisco UCS server infrastructure.

Exaprobe exemplifies leadership in the move to Cloud-based delivery of complex technology as a service to a wide range of business sectors from finance to health and retail. Using Cisco’s security function virtualization capabilities enabled Azambre’s team to quickly spin up market leading security services in both their STARC and Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) offerings underscoring security as a key enabler for their business-to-business digital services.

View Exaprobe’s video on their STARC offering powered by Cisco:


Sam Rastogi

Senior Product & Solutions Marketing Manager