maywongWritten By Maywun Wong, Service Provider Mobility Marketing Manager

Imagine you are at the airport, waiting for to come home after a long trip.  You take out your phone to call your friend, and you immediately are alerted to a roaming offer that feels perfect for what you need.  Therefore, you select it and continue your phone call.  The woman next to you is watching a movie, and her phone has automatically been seamlessly offloaded from cellular to Wi-Fi to give her the best viewing experience.

Both of you are on the same network, but you have different experiences.   Because you each have unique needs, the network adapts to you, not the other way around to provide everyone with the best possible individual experience.

Your unique, personalized experience enables you to feel you have access to the best possible network.  As a result, you become a happier and more loyal subscriber for the service provider.

As the service provider, learn how Cisco Quantum can help you create your future network today, with an intelligent network to shape the individual experience of your users.  With the capabilities in Cisco Quantum, you can provide a programmable network to optimize and monetize your network.
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Keith Day

Marketing Director

Service Provider Mobility Business