Cisco is proud to announce that IHS has recognized Cisco as a Leader for the second year in a row in the July 22, 2016 Policy Management Vendor Scorecard. With the recognition, IHS continues to validate Cisco’s leadership position and momentum in the Policy market place.  The analyst scored each of the vendors, listing Cisco as a clear #1 in market presence and close #2 in market momentum.  Here is the landscape graph from the report:

graph 1

The report further states,  “Cisco’s solid scores in market presence and market momentum place it in the leader category and reflect the strength of the company as a whole. Cisco leads the pack on market share momentum, gained at the expense of several former partners, as Cisco began bidding its own policy assets as opposed to other vendors’ as part of larger deals. The company also received a high score in financials, technology innovation, reliability, and service and support (the latter two are important criteria for operators, given the key role that policy management plays in their ability to manage and monetize their networks).”

Although “Software Intensity” was listed as a challenge, that opinion was tempered by the author noting that this analysis was “attributable to the nature of Cisco’s customer base—larger Tier 1 operators typically require more integration services work than their smaller counterparts—rather than a reflection on the relative maturity of the solution.”

graph 2Finally, we continue to develop and innovate in our newest version of Cisco Policy Suite, version 10.0 which has just been released.  Release 10 brings additional HTTP REST and API-driven NFV functionality including dynamic modification of configuration parameters and the dynamic scale-out of both Policy Server and Session Manager virtual machines. We have also added more flexibility in how policies are evaluated and triggered, efficiencies around multiple session handling and further enriched our VoLTE call handling.  I encourage you to check it out; the latest software is now available for download on cisco.com.

Learn more about Cisco Policy Suite at cisco.com/go/mobilepolicy.


Maywun Wong

Manager, Market Management