There’s a reason the superlative term “broadcast quality” is the measuring stick and euphemism for “highest possible video quality” — and the people that make it happen are all here this week for the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention.

If you’re reading this, chances are high that you’re on your way or already here, perhaps for the second or third time this year — and it’s only April. We’re there too, not surprisingly, with a lot to share with our colleagues in broadcasting.

By “a lot to share,” I mean the new Videoscape Virtualized Video Processing solution, for handling the massive array of inputs, outputs, and related workflows; solutions for 4K/UltraHD video; advanced HEVC compression; new advancements enabling greater compression with no loss of video quality for MP2 and AVC; and a clear path for our broadcast television colleagues to swiftly transition to IP video, from production to ad insertion to delivery.

Probably the most exciting demo at the Cisco booth (N9332) is a live, first-ever run of full frame rate 4K 60P content (both live and pre-recorded), from Time Warner Cable in New York City, to the Las Vegas Convention Center.  You won’t want to miss that — catch it in our booth, or over at Sony, in booth C11001.

Also on hand at the booth: Real time contribution video, bandwidth optimization techniques, multi-screen service delivery, and, on the “soft client” side, an HTML-5-based development platform for what we think is rather gorgeous navigation possibilities.

And no video conversation would be complete, these days, without mention of metadata — in our case, we’ll be showing an automated way to insert and manage video metadata.

If your LVCC plans go beyond wandering the Show floor, and you’re planning to catch any of the many sessions, you can find us, and especially Tom Ohanian, our Digital Media Strategist, in a series of daily keynote sessions throughout the Show — each of those runs from 10:30-11:30 in the CMW Theater, with topics ranging from moving to an all-IP video infrastructure (Monday), to the transitions from live to event TV (Tuesday), to cloud editing as the future of post production (Wednesday) and file-based workflows (Thursday.)

If over-the-top video is in your focal range (bet it is!), and especially if you’re considering “over-the-topping” yourself — check out “OTT Considerations: Functionalities and Technologies,” on Monday from 2:30-3 in room S228.

On Wednesday, from 2-2:30, same room (S228), check out “Routing Live Uncompressed Production Video on IP Networks,” with our own Peter Chave, Systems Architect.

So: Virtualized Video processing. 4K video delivery. HEVC encoding. Bandwidth optimization. Advanced advertising. End-to-end IP for broadcasters. Soft clients and HTML5. Like I said – a lot going on. Come on by! Booth N9332. Hope to see you here!


David Yates

as Director of Service Provider Video Marketing at Cisco