Think about what is going on in the APJC Mobile Market for a minute:

  • In Korea, mobile data traffic on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks increased approximately 70% between 3Q 2012 and 3Q 2013.
  • In China, mobile data traffic of China’s top 3 mobile operators grew 90% in 2012 and 72% from mid-2012 to mid-2013.
  • In Japan, mobile data traffic grew 92% in 2012 and 66% from 3Q 2012 to 3Q 2013, according to Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  • While in India, Bharti Airtel reported mobile data traffic growth of 112% between 3Q 2012 and 3Q 2013 and Reliance Communications reported mobile data traffic growth of 116% between 3Q 2012 and 3Q 2013.

Nomophobia is a term describing a growing fear in today’s world — the fear of being without a mobile device, or beyond mobile phone contact. This is why analysts report that 91% of us keep our cell phones within 3 feet of us 24/7.

Now to handle this increased mobile traffic and “always on” requirement, Cisco has built the market’s most comprehensive Mobile Packet Core solution. At the heart of our Packet Core Solution is our StarOS Software which can run on our purpose built hardware platform the Cisco Aggregation Services Router (ASR) 5000 Series or on this same StarOS version can run in a virtual mode Cisco Quantum Virtualized Packet Core (Quantum vPC) on an x86 server and is totally hypervisor independent. StarOS’ modular software services all of the 3GPP and other standards for mobile connectivity with SGSN/GGSN/MME/Packet Core functions. StarOS Software was designed with virtualization in mind since day one through intra-chassis virtualization and now by decoupling the software from the hardware, we are allowing customers:

  •  To move or migrate to a blade server platform, saving investment dollars and consolidating on a standardized server platform.
  • Versatility: multi-functional and multi-service in supporting different deployment models and network topologies.

At next week’s Informa’s LTE World Series in Singapore, Asia’s industry leaders will come together for the 1st Annual LTE Asia Awards which will celebrate innovation and recognize excellence in the LTE community. Cisco is pleased to be recognized by the LTE Asia Awards Judges and short listed in 3 of the categories for these LTE Asia Awards:

If you are coming to the Informa’s LTE Asia Event or you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello. Attend the LTE Asia Awards and applaud the winners as it is a very competitive field.

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Jim O'Leary

Sr. Manager Mobile Solutions Marketing