It’s amazing that March 8 2015 International Women’s Day is already upon us: It is not only the time to celebrate women globally, but to urge everyone to action in support of women, especially women in technology.

I recently presented at the Womensphere Summit on STEM on February 25 2015 to share my own journey and vision of what can be:

For me, success, is when we, collectively celebrate our women technologists daily because it is so engrained in our DNA to do so.

Astronaut Kate Sullivan & Cisco CTO Monique Morrow
Former Astronaut Katherine Sullivan @womensphere


On March 5 2015, I attended Wellcome Trust invitation only event on “Women in Science” held in London with special presentation from Baroness Mannigham-Buller, former Director-General of MI5 between 2002-2007.

The conversation was riveting, yet, global given my interactions on this topic:

Are we 81 years away to full parity for women overall?

Laura Liswood, Council of Women World Leaders and Senior Advisor to Goldman Sachs offered the following insights:

  • Power of the Mirror: What you see and what you can be;
  • Most companies are in the “Noah’s Ark” phase of diversity, “get two of us “ and that will equal diversity rather than cognitive implementation.
  • Need “circuit breakers” ;
  • In general, the notion of sponsorship is based on a non-inclusive club;

The men who participated at the event were super – and issued a call to action that more male technologists come to the table together on this topic – the power of the AND!

So, please join me and our fantastic community to celebrate us at the March 19 2015 Cisco Women of Impact event!

Let’s Be Fearless TOGETHER!

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