With Cisco Live in San Diego fast approaching next week, we are in plate spinning mode, but I did want to take moment to call out the “must see” demos and sessions related to network automation and orchestration.


  • Carl Moberg & Kevin Corbin will be talking about how to mesh Ansible and NSO together with NetDevOps-Batteries and Pipeline Included with Cisco NSO and Ansible, BRKPRG-1206, Monday, June 10, 8:00-10:00AM
  • I’ll be presenting a session with  Sanil Puthiyandyil from Altiostar on designing telco cloud and exploring vRAN as a driving use case: Auto-deploy Virtualized RAN, BRKSPM-2015, Monday, June 10, 4:00-5:00PM
  • Ever wonder how to get started with automation in your org?  Well Fredrik Swahn will discuss a best practices model that the team has been working on based on our experiences working with numerous customers: Succeeding with Network Automation using Cisco NSO, BRKNMS-2945, Tuesday, June 11, 8:00-10:00AM
  • Carl Moberg will be back again to discuss the automation journey and how to engage the various stakeholders in your org: The 3 Stages of Network Automation and Orchestration, PSOSPG-2941, Wednesday, June 12, 4:00-5:00PM
  • Finally, R. Wayne Ogozaly will hold a session on MSX deployed services with: Architecture of NFV Platform for Orchestrating Cloud-based & SD-Branch Managed Services, BRKARC-2259, Tuesday, June 11, 4:00-6:00P



This year we are part of the Service Provider area of the Cisco campus in the world of solutions.  You’ll be able to see the very first public showing of a new NSO core function pack for SR-TE which is part of a broader solution we’ll be unveiling in a few months.  While you are there you should also check our the rest of the Crosswork demos–they have a lot of cool things going on around SP-grade automation and orchestration (and you’ll see that NSO plays an important role across the entire portfolio).


As always, the DevNet team has outdone themselves with an immense roster of workshops:

  • Automated BGP with IOx and Guestshell – DEVWKS-2058
  • NetDevOps with Ansible & NSO – DEVWKS-2248
  • Demystifying NSO – DEVWKS-1827
  • Services Abstraction Using NSO – DEVWKS-1799
  • Introduction to Using gRPC-based Protocol for Model-Driven Management of IOS-XR – DEVWKS-1381
  • Orchestrating EVPN VXLAN Services (IOS-XR,NX-OS) with Cisco NSO – DEVWKS-1445
  • Getting started with migration from CLI to model-driven configuration on IOS XR devices – DEVWKS-1446
  • Automate multivendor networks with NSO – DEVWKS-2219
  • NetDevOps Development Environments with Vagrant, VIRL and Cisco NSO – DEVWKS-2680
  • Bringing Programmability to Service Provider Deployments with IOS-XR – DEVWKS-2936
  • Real time telemetry with Go – DEVWKS-3000
  • Build an Ansible Playbook to Automate NSO Service Package Deployment – DEVWKS-1703

In addition, join Kip Compton and Susie Wee at the Cloud Takeover of the DevNet Zone on Monday, June 10th at 4:00PM to see how Cisco is helping customers leverage cloud native development capabilities on-premises and in public clouds.



Omar Sultan

Senior Manager

Cloud Platform Solutions