That’s what subscribers want. More connections. More speed. More apps. And all at the best quality and maximum security. Every waking moment, I am on a quest to help cable operators deliver on those ever-increasing demands, while facing flat capex and flat or declining opex.

ANGA COM is one of our biggest cable shows of the year, and I never get tired of evangelizing the opportunities those demands mean for the cable industry. Did you know that one market analyst is forecasting that there will be nearly 182M subscribers connected to DOCSIS infrastructure worldwide by the end of 2019? That’s a lot of opportunity. The transformation from analog to digital (and from centralized to distributed architecture) is not an easy journey, but at Cisco, we’re here to help our cable customers navigate and dominate.

The complexities associated with Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) are immense, but we are ready to go, ready to help our customers succeed – now! We’ve got Remote PHY technology in place with almost 100 customers around the globe who are preparing to make that move in a seamless environment with immediate benefits.


I hope you were able to make it to the show, but if you weren’t, some of the key highlights from the Cisco booth demonstrated how we can help you make the transition to digital:

  • CCAP
    The Cisco cBR-8 remains the most interoperable CCAP for multivendor environments, offering full DOCSIS 3.1 US/DS capability in iCCAP or RPHY architectures, and our new 100Gb Digital Physical Interface Card (DPIC).
  • Cloud Native Broadband Router (cnBR) and Flexible MAC Architecture (FMA) Innovation
    Cisco’s cnBR delivers the scale, resiliency, and agility for redefining the economics of CCAP-based services. Our cnBR went live with customer Midco last year, using this CCAP solution in trials to deliver Gigabit services. We’re excited that general availability will be offered in the next few months.
  • Digital Edge Migration
    Our Remote PHY solutions enable cable operators to extend digital control and capacity deeper into their networks. Automated processes mean the ability to increase capacity and deliver services faster and more cost effectively.
  • DAA Automation
    Our Cisco Customer Experience (CX) is here to help customers transform their network and operations, introduce network automation, and optimize processes.
  • Smart PHY
    Cisco Smart PHY can simplify the installation, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting of Cisco Remote PHY devices (RPDs). Smart PHY enables customers and partners to collaborate and build an application ecosystem with use cases, including: traffic engineering, network change automation, real-time key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring, predictive maintenance and impact analysis, and security.
  • Intelligent Digital Nodes
    Intelligence in the node can optimize operations and network resources. Visitors to the booth discovered what’s possible with an intelligent node, the advantages of Remote PHY, and a future with Full Duplex DOCSIS readiness.
  • Mobile Backhaul over DOCSIS
    With the physical infrastructure already in place, cable operators can leverage their DOCSIS networks to provide the network density needed to support a 5G wireless infrastructure.
  • Converged Interconnect Network (CIN) and Segment Routing
    Cable operators can intelligently evolve with an intelligent IP-based foundation for their Converged Interconnect Network (CIN). At the booth, we demonstrated how to plan your migration from linear services and disparate network overlays toward an IP-ethernet network for converging all services for the advantages of a CIN that can scale, automate, and optimize all services on a single network.

Want more? Visit our cable site and follow us on Twitter @CiscoSP360 for all the latest. Next stop:  SCTE Cable-Tec Expo, Sept. 30 – Oct. 3, in New Orleans. See you there!


Sean Welch

Vice President and General Manager

Service Provider - Cable