I have written many blogs over the years but never have I had so much trouble finding the right words as with this post. All kinds of thoughts are rushing through my head at a million miles per hour and I can’t seem to hold on to any of them. Then I take a deep breath and here it goes: today is my last day at Cisco.

I have had a great dance. I am so grateful for the people and organizations that have come into my life – both virtually and physically, – and for the memories they have given me. I have waltzed through some unforgettable experiences and cha cha’d my way to having the privilege of leading a team I’ll be forever proud of.

As I take my last bow as a Cisco employee, I want to thank you for all your support, for reading my blogs, for sharing and commenting on them, and for engaging with me in other ways. I also want to thank all who have participated or are participating in any of the programs or activities that my team has built. There are several but I would like to highlight three:

  • Cisco Champions: Thank you for all your contributions, time and insights thus far. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blogs and meeting several of you virtually as well as in person. I will continue to follow your tweets and blogs :-).
  • Cisco Social Ambassadors: Thank you for embracing this program and dedicating your time to Cisco. You are making a big difference!
  • Social Media Training Program Participants: Thank you for your desire to learn about social media and to integrate it into your everyday life. You’re changing the way we live, work, learn and play one tweet and one post at a time.

So as the curtain falls, I reflect once more on the past few years and my heart is filled with gratitude. I have had a great dance. And I owe it all to you.

Until next time, you can catch me on Twitter (@petra1400).

Best wishes to all!