You probably encounter broken links on the web.

We are working hard to minimize broken link experiences on Cisco.com. Over a year ago we started using a new tool that helps us shield Cisco.com users from broken link errors. This process has resulted in a steep reduction in the number of broken links reported.

We track what you encounter as avoided broken link experiences. Last month we were able to resolve and direct 215,750 attempts to access broken links and old articles and send you to the right place. The highest resolved broken links for a single month was over 354,300 links.


Our progress so far is encouraging even though we have more to do.

Can you help?

When you find a new URL, change your bookmark so future access to the page will be faster. And if you do hit a broken link drop us a note in the feedback tool found on every page of Cisco.com


Bill Skeet

manager User-Centered Design

Smart Web Technology Group