Bill Skeet

manager User-Centered Design

Smart Web Technology Group

Bill manages the user experience team for Cisco's support web site and relentlessly searches for the simplest possible solution that serves the customer's needs as well as the business'. When customers come to our site with a question, we want them to find the answer every time, as quickly as possible.

Bill has been leading user-centered design and web strategy for more than a decade at both startups and Fortune 500 companies. In 1994, he joined Knight Ridder to work on the concept of a tablet newspaper. That quickly evolved into an ambitious effort to launch more than 20 newspaper websites in 1995-96 and he applied the design framework outlined in his graduate thesis to create the original newspaper network design.

Also, some personal stuff..I'm a fan of Jayhawk basketball, KC barbeque, star gazing, and hikes and bikes. I serve on the board of a couple of community organizations and carry my music library on a .5TB drive everywhere I go.


October 7, 2013


Reducing Broken Links on Cisco.com

1 min read

You probably encounter broken links on the web. We are working hard to minimize broken link experiences on Cisco.com. Over a year ago we started using a new tool that helps us shield Cisco.com users from broken link errors. This process has resulted in a steep reduction in the number of broken links reported. We […]