Maybe your users mistakenly clicked on a suspicious ad. Or maybe they were tricked into opening an email link. But no matter how it happened, here you are: Ransomware has encrypted your files, and you need to pay a hefty fee to get them back. It’s not just you: The attacks continue to proliferate — now approaching a $1 billion annual market — as they infect the computers and networks of entire organizations.

The good news is that the risks of ransomware can be reduced. In fact, this was the exact topic of our May 25th #CiscoChat, “Securing Your Network in the Age of #Ransomware.” While WannaCry may be the most prolific ransomware attack that comes to mind right now, our chat covered topics beyond just WannaCry. During the Chat, we discussed how the best ransomware defense strategies take a multi-pronged approach, including DNS layer protection, segmentation, and other advanced defenses.

Missed out on the great discussion? We’ve put together a handy highlight reel of all the best responses to our questions:

  1. What are some things you can do to update your cybersecurity strategy in the wake of the WannaCry NHS cyber attack?

  1. Why is network segmentation important in your cybersecurity plan?

  1. How do you mitigate the risks associated with shadow IT within your organization?

  1. Given the growth of the Internet of Things, how important is cloud and perimeter security to your organization?

  1. Is cybersecurity a top priority across your organization, or only within IT?

  1. How do you promote a security-minded culture throughout your organization?

  1. If your organization suffered a severe ransomware infection today, could you recover with little to no disruption?

Check out the full chat on our Storify archive. For more on securing your network against ransomware, check out our free ebook, Ransomware Defense for Dummies. To everyone who participated in our May 25th #CiscoChat: Thank you! We enjoyed the opportunity to have a conversation with you. We hope you were able to take away something that will help you improve your own network cybersecurity. Join us for another Chat soon!


Greg Hamilton

Program Manager

#Cisco Chat & Cisco Digital Training and Certification